wedding photographer derbyshire - Woman poses with canon camera

I want you to forget everything you know about photographers

and trust me.

I'm a simple person at heart. I prefer the natural and easy going to the strict and showy. If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life it'd be homemade pizza. I dream of taking my family backpacking through New Zealand. One day I will have a dog. I believe in taking care of my home, my family and the planet, and love to get outdoors.
wedding photographer derbyshire - Woman poses with canon camera

We tend to forget the every day stuff.

We forget the things we need to remember.

The small moments. Quick smiles, stolen glances, fidgety fingers. We're so busy focusing on the big stuff instead. First steps, starting school, moving out, getting married. We forget the way their tiny hands slip into ours, without conscious thought or concern. We forget the way that chubby cheeks prop up long lashes. We forget the way children move so easily around their environment, chaotic with happiness. We forget the way that particular part of the best man's speech hits the right note, and brings brief tears to everyone's eyes.

We forget the stuff we really must remember. So let's make memories.


If I had a pound for everyone who told me they hate posing for photographs

I'd be a very rich woman indeed.

That's why I offer hands-off family sessions, at home and outdoors (the choice is yours). My documentary style allows your family to be themselves, with no worries about the children sitting down with ready made smiles and good behaviour. You can all play, run around together, be silly - whatever it is that you enjoy doing. I'm a mum myself, and I know how tricky it can be. Everyone is happier if they feel comfortable.