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Hi! I’m very excited to share a round up of all the daily photos I took in January, 2017. It was my New Years goal to engage in a 365 project, whereby I take a photo every day for a whole year. I’d been wanting to do one of these since I found out about them a few years ago, and figured this year was set to be a busy year with lots of change for us. I want to remember that. My boy, George, starts school in September. I’m busy with photography anyway. Our little girl, Effie, has started walking and talking. Friends are having babies and getting married. It seemed to me that 2017 was going to be a Good Year for Gooseys.

I had intended to take every single shot on my DSLR as this would mean getting to use my most loved camera even more, but there were times when I fell foul of my own rule, and took my phone out of my pocket instead. Oops. I’ve mentioned in the captions which camera and lens I’ve used, and if external flash was used to create these photos. I’m a stickler for detail!


I update my Instagram daily with a 365 project photo. So far I’ve really enjoyed it, and it hasn’t started to feel like a chore at all. What I have realised from collating all the photos here is that I take an awful lot of photos of my kids, and too many just on my phone. As the weather gets better I will naturally start being outdoors more, I guess.

Onwards to February, and another 28 365 project photos!