When you were designing your brand, how many choices did you make? I’ll bet it was tons. You’ll have sat down with a pen and paper and hashed out more details that you care to count. From choosing fonts, to designing a logo and beyond, you made aesthetic choices about your business.

A good brand is aspirational, builds trust, and is recognisable. It’s consistent and professional. But that doesn’t mean that your brand can get away without having a distinct personality.

1. Your Business Needs a Face

Showing potential customers who they’re working with is one of the most effective ways to build trust. They don’t necessarily distinguish between you and the company you run – especially if, like me, you are a sole trader with your own name as your company name.

But what if you’re not visible in your own brand? What do people feel when they look at a small company, and yet have no clue who’s communicating with them? The days of merely being a listing in a local directory are long over, and your brand should have a real presence online. If your brand is you, then be visible.

2. Headshots Enhance Your Brand

A professional headshot sends out a positive message. They show a sense of personality and approachability.

In addition to you being visible in your brand, your brand can be visible in your images. If you’re in a creative field, then your headshots can be creative. Likewise, if your role is more corporate then that can be communicated in your images too.

What you absolutely are not committed to is a boring (but technically good) mug shot in front of a white background. The headshots below were taken in December, for a scientific research company in Nottingham, near their offices on the university campus.

3. Headshots Make Your Social Media Stand Out

There are so many different ways you can incorporate your headshots into your branding. Use them anywhere you need a photo of yourself. Any platform where you directly engage potential clients is a place where you can consider using your headshot.

People want to work with people, so show everyone who you are.

4. A Professional Photograph Makes You Look More Professional

Just think of those perfect photos you see. What do they have in common? Flattering angles, good light, excellent editing.

Even the best smartphone cameras cannot replicate this. It’s not going to get you the same results as a professional headshot photographer with a professional camera.

With the best will in the world, a small camera or a smartphone is never going to replace a professional camera with a range of lenses, proper editing software, and all the training a photographer partakes in to hone their craft.

5. Get Your photos Tailored to Your Brand


A decent headshot photographer will sit down with you and go through everything in your brand, so that they produce a set of photos that compliments the branding work you’ve already done.

Headshot photography is not only about sitting people in front of a white screen and using studio lighting to banish wrinkles.

Personally, I way prefer environmental headshots, so if you work outdoors, let’s do your headshots outdoors. If you run a yoga studio lets photograph you posing indoors and out. If you make furniture lets photograph you doing that.

The images below are from a session with a local children’s clothing company, Little Bit Small. Caroline asked me to make sure we got a good set of environmental portraits – images that showed the kids playing outdoors while wearing the clothes she makes.

If you run a small business, one of your next business expenses should be having a consultation with a headshot photographer to see how they can help you.

If you’d like to find out more about my business headshot photography service, then get in touch at hello@carolinegoosey.com