I recently invested in a lot of different kinds of training. I’ve had to look very closely at my business – what works, what doesn’t, and what I want to be able to do, and how I can best serve my clients. I realised quite early on that my business model isn’t working. I was fast on a path to burnout, and that helps no one. Instead of slogging away and getting increasingly bitter about it, I’ve decided to go back to basics in order to revitalise Caroline Goosey Photography.

What’s New?

I spent some time pinning down exactly what my values are, and how I can enact them every day in my business. Clarity, thoughtfulness, and eco-friendliness are all important to me. They are core values that run central to the way I work. Things look a little different around here, starting with all the visuals in my brand, right through to my prices and what I offer to those seeking photography to display in their homes.

Clarity and simplicity in my new logo.

I have narrowed down my packages, and will also be adding a la carte pricing. This will make things simpler for any potential clients wishing to book a family photography session or a wedding photography package. The new packages are completely different to what I used to offer, as they now include wall art.

Wall Art?

Wall Art Sizing Chart, photography print service
Yes, wall art. I’ve always maintained that when you hire a photographer you’re not just documenting a milestone – you’re taking the opportunity to create art from your own life experiences. So then what’s the point of buying some digital image files that might get aired once on Facebook then stuck on a hard drive or USB and left alone? What a waste of money that must be. I looked back over some photographs I had printed by a high street retailer and I was so underwhelmed. The solution stared me straight in the face: I must offer my clients the opportunity not just to create this art, but give it room to breathe and hang it in their own homes.

So I’m now offering a full print service, from high quality loose prints to mounted acrylic frameless prints. I love the sleek, ultra modern look of these, and they’re durable enough to withstand years of sunlight. I’ll do a lovely review of these soon.

A Photography Service for Real People

My service itself has also changed. I have always been careful to tailor my services to individual clients by offering a pre-shoot consultation after booking. That remains the same, but there is now an after-shoot service too. A week or two after a session I will meet up with clients for coffee or in their homes, and spend some time going through all their images in person. This is a totally new thing for my clients, and it’s being included for one reason: you get to buy the photographs that you love, as wall art or gift prints, and walk away from the rest.
The result is a highly personalised service based completely on what you want to buy.

What’s Staying the Same?

I am still a mobile photographer. I still travel to clients in their homes or wherever they choose to be. I am still me, and still do things with my own personal touch, and I will still go the extra mile for any of my clients. I still provide family, newborn and wedding photography services in the Midlands, Cheshire and South Yorkshire.

I will announce the big unveiling in the next week or two, along with some new introductory prices that will last for a few weeks. In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more or talk to me about my photography services, please send me an email at hello@carolinegoosey.com.

And have a lovely day!