I flipping love toddlers. They’re hilarious, they have huge eyes, and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. As a family photographer who’s not big into posing and preening, toddlers are my jam. This little girl is no exception.

photograph of a one year old girl in a grey dress sat on the floor in her living room holding a first birthday balloon in the shape of a unicorn

I first met Ella back in April. She was six months old, and her parents decided to have a calm, documentary-style family photoshoot in their home in Derbyshire. Fancy checking those photos out? Clicky.

Back then, Ella was into stroking cats, dribbling, and being semi-mobile. Now? She’s into everything. Balloons, knocking stuff over, biscuits, general mayhem and impressive dimples. We spent her first birthday photoshoot pottering about at home before heading down to the village green for some cuddles in the autumn mist.

Natasha mentioned that Ella was born during Storm Ophelia, but she didn’t see the crazy yellow sky because she was somewhat preoccupied. It was important to her that Ella’s first birthday photoshoot incorporated a bit of the outdoors.

black and white documentary style photograph of a family with a toddler in their kitchen at home
photograph of a clapping toddler on her first birthday sitting on her mothers knee as her dad sits beside and laughs
intimate black and white family photograph of a toddler with a clip in her hair having a comforting cuddle with her mum outdoors during her first birthday photoshoot

As before, Ella and her folks were an absolute joy to photograph. It’s wonderful to be able to build up a relationship with families, so that when I pop round with my camera everyone just cracks on with what they want to do. I love how relaxed and intimate these family photos are, and I’d love to catch up with Ella again sometime.


If you’re considering a super chilled and fun family photoshoot at home or outdoors, get in touch.