As soon as I spoke with Natasha on the phone I knew that this would be a gorgeous session. She described her home to me, her family and what they liked to do, and we just clicked straightaway. I could tell she was a chilled out person, and a lovely mother to her six month old little girl. In fact the very first thing she told me was that she and her husband were “all for natural, unforced photographs”. I couldn’t ask for more than that!

Session day rolled around, and we were blessed with beautiful weather. We started off indoors, letting the baby play with some of her toys. As she was only just six months, and in a good mood, we were able to take everything at a comfortable pace.

a mother smile as she holds her baby girl up in the air in front of a gallery wall in their home - baby photography derby
a black and white image of a father holding his baby girl on his hip in a light and airy open plan kitchen during a baby photography session in Derby

Being a mum myself, I know how tricky it can be to balance the needs of a baby with a scheduled appointment, which is a major factor in why I visit families in their homes for sessions. Natasha and I had already discussed this, and she knew that I wouldn’t mind if she needed to stop and feed, change or cuddle the baby. As it happened, feeding and changing weren’t needed during their photoshoot, but there were plenty of cuddles with both parents.

The sun was high in the sky, and the light poured in through the patio doors. After a while we ventured outside into their garden. After such a long winter it was good to be back outside, feeling the warmth on my skin.

As with so many families I photograph, Natasha and Paul were a little uneasy about being in front of the camera. Over time I decided to stop posing people, or telling them to simply “act natural” because I totally get this feeling. I hate having my photo taken too! Instead, I like to find the best light for taking photos, and then set up a way for families to sit or stand together, and give them time to relax into it. As a result, my family photography sessions are really chilled out, and natural.

image of a family with a six month old baby in their home - baby photography derby
black and white image of two parents and their baby girl smiling as they play together - baby photography debry
close up photograph of a baby's feet as her parents hold her in dappled shade - baby photography derby
black and white photograph of a mother smiling at her baby girl - baby photography derby
colourful photograph of two parents at home with their baby in front of a purple wall - baby photography derby
unposed photograph of a father holding his baby daughter outside in front of trees - baby photography derby
black and white photograph of a father holding his baby girl with his head against hers - baby photography derby

I had a lovely morning with Natasha, Paul and Ella. If you’re looking for natural family or baby photography in Derby and the surrounding areas, then drop me an email or check out my family photography page for more info.