In February I decided I wanted to really focus on wedding photography from now on. 2 years as a family photographer and several weddings already under my belt, I decided that the time is now right for me to properly jump into wedding and elopement photography feet first.

I’ve had a couple of exciting developments on that front, working with The Alternatives, Unconventional Wedding and Photography Farm to name a few. I soon realised, though, that I really needed to up my portfolio game. I mean, there are so many incredible wedding photographers everywhere, so who did I think I was? It’s so simple to believe that a photographer is just someone who owns a camera, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to be a wedding and elopement photographer. I knew that I needed to work towards it. My first step was to really think about what kind of wedding photographer I wanted to be, and then go on a workshop to really hone my skills. And then shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. Shoot days, styled shoots, and real weddings are helping me to develop a style that will get the epic shots and intimate moments of a real wedding day captured for couples to love.

Planning a styled Elopement Photography Shoot

A wedding day styled shoot is a huge undertaking. While I’m not usually one to shy away from my ambitions, I knew I needed to temper myself here. Instead of getting bogged down with 10 other suppliers and a venue, I decided to style an elopement photoshoot. 

I asked a real couple to model for me. I worked with Jody from Don’t Settle, Petal, a fab tattooed lady with a knack for beautiful florals, and we got to work. She created a large bouquet with roses, succulents, dahlias and celosia, along with plenty of greenery. She also made a kickass floral crown and a beautiful celosia buttonhole. 

The couple wore high street clothes that they could move and feel comfortable in, that would compliment our brief.


A simple brief

 Let the love shine through. Get real moments. Incorporate the landscape. Capture a sense of freedom and adventure.

Click an image below to see the full size version.

Ellie wore a simple short blush dress from Kiss The Sky and brought her own boots.

Ash wore a collarless linen shirt from Threadbare, wool trousers from H&M and wore his own botas. 

I’d like to thank them both for turning up in every sense of the word, and spending a few hours prancing through smoke bombs. I can’t wait to work with Jody again on our next shoot.