I was so excited. School run done, I hopped into my car and set off for an old cinema in Sheffield, wondering what I’d find when I got there. I’d been waiting for this day for months. And that familiar voice niggled at the back of my mind “who do you think you are? You won’t be able to do this.”

That voice would stop me leaving the house most mornings if I let it. I swigged my smoothie, cranked up Hunky Dory, and told that voice to shut the hell up, trying to ignore that fluttering feeling in my stomach.

Stop Listening to Fear

For years I’ve wanted to photograph weddings. I’ve even done a few for friends and family. I know that I love alternative weddings – the ones in back gardens and with epic parties – but I know that if I’m going to be able to put that terrifying voice away for good, to embrace my passion for alternative wedding photography, I need help.

Your wedding day is so carefully planned.  You’ve chosen what to wear, what to eat, what kind of music will get everyone up and dancing. Even the most chilled out, happy day is a lot of work. And you deserve a wedding photographer who totally gets that.

I don’t want to just photograph in any old style. I want the wedding photography I produce for you to be as amazing as you are! To show you how beautiful you looked on the happiest day of your lives. To get the right photos for the right couples, so that when you reach for your wedding album, years from now, you’ll feel instantly transported back to that day.

No more shots of rings in the back of a pair of high heels thanks – just love, remembered forever.

Becoming the Right Wedding Photographer

How do you convey that emotion on camera? How do you show love in wedding photography?

Thankfully the Photography Farm played an absolute blinder. 13 wedding photographers from around the UK sat in the seats of this mouldy, crumbling picture house, and listened to Lisa (Farm Head Honcho and all round awesome lady). We were introduced to two models and a real life couple, who were then each paired with a mentor photographer. The butterflies in my stomach stopped clanging around, replaced now with energy that could have burst out of me.

Here are some of my favourite shots from my day at Abbeydale Picture House.

Shooting with Jo from Enchanted Brides

Jo is a motherflippin’ genius photographer. She knows how to do all that fundamental stuff about shooting in an editorial way that makes everyone look like they’re on the cover of a magazine. Here she is, working her magic!
See Enchanted Brides

Jo gave me the confidence to get people to stand in the best light (we only used the available light by windows), in a way that they’re comfortable with but looking hot as. This model was a dream to work with, and I know that this style of photography would be great for getting some killer shots at the end of the bridal preparations.

Alternative Couple shoot with Lisa Jane

Lisa showed us how to focus on that look of love. To give couples the space and time to relax, get close, breathe with each other and forget about the world. In this regard, her photography is second to none. The whole point is to capture the essence of the couple, their closeness and emotions. Here’s a little taster of what I learnt from Lisa.
See Lisa's Site

Couples & Fun with Lee Allen

Lee is a comedy genius who does a damn fine job at off-camera flash. You know those stark photos at night time where the couple is lit from behind so they’re in silhouette? Lee spent awhile showing us how to create that kind of magic with our real-life couple, and then he let us loose on them for more engagement shoot-y shots.

see Lee's site

I’m properly fired up and raring to go with some real weddings now. I’ve been empowered, and I’m now confident in my ability to deliver beautiful, creative wedding photography in an alternative style. 

The weddings I love to capture are the ones with tons of personality. I understand how to capture the emotion, the bond you share, and offer every couple the opportunity to have an engagement photoshoot to get to know you both (and kill some of those nerves) before the big day. 



Shoot Day Credits:

Photography Farm & Lisa Devlin

Venue: Abbeydale Picture House via Inner City Weddings

Styling: Mr & Mrs Unique

Models: @noorvduncan & @munaaraquel

Florals: @campbellsflowers

Clothing: @eandwcouture & @bowendryden 

Jewellery: @haloandco

Shoes: @fabernovella

Hair & MUA:  @jennedwardsandco