A Gift

In December I was contacted by a woman whose sister was pregnant. She wanted to buy them a gift with a difference, and was interested in my photographic style. I was thrilled to get this kind of booking, because for I love meeting families and getting to know them. And hand on heart, I can say that I was not disappointed.

A family with young children - derbyshire photographer

Faith got in touch with me after the birth of her second child, and we settled on a summer date for the photos. We decided together that a family session, rather than a newborn photoshoot, would be right for them, and that if the baby able to interact more and sit unaided, we’d all get more from the session.

a baby sits with older sister - derbyshire photographer

I arrived at their home on a sunny summer afternoon and was immediately greeted by a beautiful red headed three year old asking me to come to her tea party. I knew instantly that I was going to love photographing this family.

red headed young girl eats an apple - derbyshire photographer

Getting to Know the Family

In the weeks leading up to the session a good few emails went back and forth between Faith and me. I really valued these interactions with her, as I felt I got to know a lot about her and the family before we even met, which definitely helped me to get a gauge of how to photograph them all. Anything that gives me an insight into family life is so valuable.

close up photo of a mum looking at baby - derbyshire photographer

Having the photography session in their home was perfect.

There was no stress about getting the kids to relax in an unfamiliar place, nothing unpredictable, and we didn’t take up space in a busy public venue. As I arrived, the baby was just being woken from a nap, and Faith was getting the kids into suitable clothing. I really do recommend at-home sessions for anyone preferring a more documentary style of photography, especially if they have small children.

I had the best time photographing Faith and her beautiful family, and I’d love to meet them again some day.