How I Approach You

As a family photographer my main motivation is figuring out how to capture an essence of your personalities. The way you interact. The dynamics of your family, and all the personalities involved. For me, this is not about standing stock still in a perfectly lit studio with your hair and makeup just so.

It’s not about posing or doing anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Photograph of a young boy with curly brown hair punching bubbles floating in the air out in a parkland - autumn family photoshoot

Let Them Be Little

My sessions are all about letting kids be kids, whatever their age. It relaxes everyone, and you’re free to join in with their fun too. I let kids explore, to run around and free-range. The normal interactions you have with your children provide ample opportunities to get gorgeous and varied photographs of you all together (because we all know that mums are usually the ones holding the camera)

black and white photograph of a toddler girl with messy hair playing at home with a toy cup and laughing
photograph of a mother holding her little girl in their garden on a sunny day
image of two parents sitting on a wooden floor in their living room in front of a bay window and tickling their little boy with train track strewn about - autumn family photoshoot
photograph of a boy standing on crunchy autumn leaves wearing a woolly hat and duffel coat and smiling happily - autumn family photoshoot


I know that the idea of a photographer in your family space can feel daunting. I always feel like my house isn’t quite tidy enough or as I’d want to see it in photos. But it’s where we live, and to my children it’s their home, their safe space. They are themselves when we’re at home. As a photographer I can also assure you that I won’t be taking photos of the details of your home, because you and your children will be my focus.

If you want the photos but the thought of doing it at home fills you with dread, then we can go outdoors, or simply split the session between indoors and a nearby park or garden.


photograph of a boy playing with his mother in his tastefully decorating bedroom with an orange lion glove puppet on his hand - autumn family photoshoot

Who Is It For?

My autumn family photoshoots are suitable for families of all sizes, and children of all ages. Because my approach is mainly documentary, all the direction from me is simply about where the best light is. I might give you simple ideas for how to interact, and we can work on a plan for the session together, so that everyone has fun and you get memories that matter to you. 

These autumn family photoshoot sessions are available for families around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

peaceful close up photograph of a mother holding her baby boy close and gently kissing his head as they stand in their kitchen - autumn family photoshoot

The Deal

 Book your shoot between September 4 and 18th to get the following:

 A pre-session chat

60-90 minute session at home or outdoors

Full image editing

An online gallery with a minimum of 30 hi-res images with full printing and sharing rights

All images on a USB

For just £225

(that’s a third off!)

I’m only running this deal for 10 families, so be sure to book your slot ASAP to avoid disappointment. Bookings are secured with a £50 deposit, and sessions must be booked in by September 18th to take advantage of this offer. 

You can get in touch with me on the contact form below. 

For a bit of inspiration to get you started on planning your family photoshoot this autumn, check out Albie’s bathtime gallery, a documentary session at home, and a family photoshoot at Shipley Park.


Caroline x