A Splashy Baby Photoshoot in Derbyshire

I love it when I warm to a mum on the phone straightaway. I get so excited about the session right then and there on the phone, and I never feel like I’m just going through all the usual spiel even though I have a certain amount of info to get through.

Because by the time I’ve listened to you, heard about your family and gotten a sense of who you are, I remember why I love this job. I get the immense privilege of capturing your every day, the things you do together as a family. The every day gets a bad rap, but there’s joy in it if you take the time to look.

And so it was with Albie’s baby photoshoot. He’s not a newborn, so I knew I wasn’t in for a long, sleepy, relaxed session. He’s a proper bundle of joy – able to sit, starting to crawl, starting to babble, and wanting to cruise. His every day involves lots of cuddles, space to play, and constant exploration.

Like I told you, there’s joy in the every day.

photograph of a baby standing with help from his father and walking towards his mother who is sitting on the sofa in their living room and holding her arms out to him

We started out in the living room. Albie’s had just woken up so he was a bit wary of me. They sat together and read a book while I took a few snaps in between fussing their super cuddly cockapoo (and wishing I had one of my own!).

The first part of a family photoshoot is usually the most awkward. People take a while to get used to me and my camera, which I totally get. It’s what makes at-home sessions so great though, because I’m able to encourage people to just interact the way they would if there wasn’t a photographer in the room. I stop shooting for a short while, and then, like some kind of Canon-sponsored ninja, I start taking a few stealthy shots.

image of two parents sitting on a sofa smiling and reading a book with their baby during a photoshoot in derbyshire
photograph of a baby sitting on a blue playmat in a living room smiling at his mother who is singing songs with him

Lizzie’s idea for their family shoot was perfect. Albie outside in the bath! She knew it’d make him happy, and they could all join in on the fun. And that after his bath Albie could have all the cuddles and love, and then I’d just peel away and leave them to eat their lunch. So we just bloody went for it.

Albie is about 10 months old. He’s not a little baby, and he’s starting to get more mobile. This kind of chilled-out, free-flowing photoshoot at home is just perfect for this age. I never once had to pose him or his parents – I found the best light, then simply hung out around the edges of the action and documented it as I saw fit. 

Albie’s Gallery

If you’d like to discuss having a baby photoshoot in or around Derbyshire (or perhaps even further afield) then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love working with all kinds of families and kids of all ages to get gorgeous photos that you’ll love for years to come. The days are long but the years are short! 


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