Isabelle’s Adventure: Family Photoshoot in Wollaton Park

Isabelle’s Adventure: Family Photoshoot in Wollaton Park

Isabelle’s First family photoshoot in Wollaton


At the end of October I hooked up with Isabelle and her parents for a relaxed family photoshoot in Wollaton Park. We started at their home (I fussed the cats and we chilled out for ten minutes) and then popped out for a quick walk. 

It’s was a crisp autumn day so we had to work fast to stop Isabelle getting cold. The main aim was to get some lovely natural shots with the autumn colour in the background.

Here’s her gallery.


If you’d like to chat with me about booking a family photoshoot in Nottingham or the surrounding areas, you can pop your details on the form below. I’ll be in touch within a day or two to discuss. 

Dear Wedding Details

Dear Wedding Details

Dear Wedding Details,

I’m not sure how I feel about you. My opening statement was almost a frustrated wail of “you absolute bastard!”, but I’m trying to temper myself. Maybe it’s because I love looking at details but I’m all thumbs when it comes to crafting something from nothing. Maybe it’s because couples feel an extraordinary amount of stress as their wedding day approaches. Maybe it’s because you really just are an absolute bastard.

Maybe I’m being unfair.

With my thinking head on, I know that no two weddings are the same, and no two weddings have the same details. But who am I kidding?

In this age of Pinterest and Instagram there’s such a lot of pressure to perform. So many trends that look incredible in a styled shoot actually involve so much work that by the time you’re halfway through crafting your perfect wedding you’d rather stick pins in your eyes. What you don’t see on Pinterest is that a styled shoot might have 15 different wedding vendors providing different details and coordinated by one person whose job it is to realise the overall vision.


This image shows what happens when 4 vendors, 2 organisers and a stylist work together. Without the two organisers creating a vision this would not have been possible.

A stylist can guide, but your wedding, the vision has to begin with you.

The total team involved on this styled shoot was 20.

(It was a very busy day.)

You can see the full gallery and list of vendors in this post.

It can be pretty overwhelming when you’re not sure where or how to begin. The beauty of tinternet is that you can get ALL THE IDEAS very quickly – but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and make decisions you might regret.

These two lighting set ups below are both beautiful. They’re both inviting, and they’re both sympathetic to the surroundings. 

Venue: Inkersall Grange Farm, Newark

Styling: Save the Date, Newark

Venue: The Giraffe Shed, Mid Wales

Styling: Bespoke Events & Styling, Mid Wales

What recourse is there for couples who don’t know where to start?

The beauty of tinternet is that you can go from not knowing anything to knowing everything very quickly. It can be pretty overwhelming knowing where to begin, so I asked my buddy Caroline Walsh at The Wedding Alchemist some questions to try to get to grips with the business of wedding details.


In her own words…

“I offer a huge range of hire elements as I can create bespoke elements for you if you have something specific in mind. My speciality is more unusual weddings, from concrete urban to superheroes I embrace everyones wedding ideas and add those finishing touches, no raised eyebrows here!”

How can couples express themselves in their wedding details?

Some wedding day advice is consistent no matter what kind of vendor you chat with: you both need to think about what you really want, and decide which things you just will not budge on – a point made by Caroline in our chat.

Whether it’s lego figurines in your table centres, a travel inspired seating plan, or photos of lost loved ones, do what you want to represent you as a couple, not what you think your guests expect.”

So if you’re not into all the traditional wedding stuff you really don’t need to do it. You don’t need to feel swayed by others into having details you’re not really that interested in, and you can express elements of your personalities and relationship on your wedding day.

While it can be nice to look at wedding trends, you ultimately don’t want your wedding to end up looking like it’s for someone else. Don’t exclude details you really like just because they’re not ‘on trend’ that year.

I reckon one of the hardest decisions figuring out what goes together – and avoiding what doesn’t.


What kind of colour palette are you going to choose?

How can you know which colours are great together?

Caroline’s advice?

“Any colours can go together when you use them in the right way. That is where I come in. Usually one colour is the main focus with one or more other colours coming in to complement this. Make sure to consider existing colours in the venue and if these need to be taken into consideration when choosing your colour scheme.”

How Much Is Too Much?

So once you’ve decided what you want, where do you draw the line? How do you know if you’ve finished? With all the costs associated with weddings, it can be easy to splurge on things like details without pausing to tot it all up.

Too much is putting you into a huge amount of debt as you begin your married life.

Everyone has a budget, everyone has an idea of what they want.

You want all the bells and whistles it will cost more but with hire it can work out cheaper.

Does decking out your wedding have to cost a lot?

“Not necessarily, if you do not have much of a budget, think carefully about decor elements you think will really make an impact in your venue and perhaps leave the chargers and fancy cutlery.”

If you’re still totally overwhelmed there are people like Caz who live and breathe wedding details. They’re wedding stylists, who keep their finger on the pulse and have a wide network of contacts within the industry. They can help you design the look of your wedding, working with you on a budget and set up. They’ve seen it all, and love a challenge.

I’m Sorry

Wedding details, I shouldn’t have called you an absolute bastard. It’s just because I know how awesome you can be, but how much stress you can cause. I reckon with a bit of forethought, careful planning, lots of chat and some assistance from magicians like Caroline, you’re actually my favourite. I love entering a wedding and seeing how a couple has put their own stamp on a venue, how they’ve expressed themselves and not just picked things out of a line up.


Caroline x

If you’re planning a wedding that looks awesome, you’ll want the photos to match. Get in touch to see what I can do for you – just email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com.

If you’re getting married in 2019 I have 4 spots left for this super special deal too.

Pop over to this page to discover more.

A First Birthday Photoshoot

A First Birthday Photoshoot

I flipping love toddlers. They’re hilarious, they have huge eyes, and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. As a family photographer who’s not big into posing and preening, toddlers are my jam. This little girl is no exception.

photograph of a one year old girl in a grey dress sat on the floor in her living room holding a first birthday balloon in the shape of a unicorn

I first met Ella back in April. She was six months old, and her parents decided to have a calm, documentary-style family photoshoot in their home in Derbyshire. Fancy checking those photos out? Clicky.

Back then, Ella was into stroking cats, dribbling, and being semi-mobile. Now? She’s into everything. Balloons, knocking stuff over, biscuits, general mayhem and impressive dimples. We spent her first birthday photoshoot pottering about at home before heading down to the village green for some cuddles in the autumn mist.

Natasha mentioned that Ella was born during Storm Ophelia, but she didn’t see the crazy yellow sky because she was somewhat preoccupied. It was important to her that Ella’s first birthday photoshoot incorporated a bit of the outdoors.

black and white documentary style photograph of a family with a toddler in their kitchen at home
photograph of a clapping toddler on her first birthday sitting on her mothers knee as her dad sits beside and laughs
intimate black and white family photograph of a toddler with a clip in her hair having a comforting cuddle with her mum outdoors during her first birthday photoshoot

As before, Ella and her folks were an absolute joy to photograph. It’s wonderful to be able to build up a relationship with families, so that when I pop round with my camera everyone just cracks on with what they want to do. I love how relaxed and intimate these family photos are, and I’d love to catch up with Ella again sometime.


If you’re considering a super chilled and fun family photoshoot at home or outdoors, get in touch.


A Big Heap of Wedding Traditions You Can Ignore – Peak District Wedding Photographer

A Big Heap of Wedding Traditions You Can Ignore – Peak District Wedding Photographer

I was going to spend this post talking about the little details that really finish your wedding day off, but I just couldn’t focus on it. While I was trying to write about details, I seemed to end every paragraph by saying “of course, you don’t have to do this at all, you can do something totally different”.

That got me thinking. Why do weddings happen the way that they do? What happens when we say bollocks to tradition, and do things our own way instead? I reckon that tradition itself isn’t a good enough reason – “that’s the way it’s always been” isn’t a good enough reason to carry on always doing things that way, especially if the tradition means nothing to you.

I thought I’d spend today writing about the usual wedding stuff everyone expects – the dress, the cake, the flowers, the ceremony – and how couples have experimented with them and done things differently. I’m not saying tradition is wrong, but I am saying that just doing something for the sake of it is a bit silly (unless you really don’t care, of course).

Tradition 1:

Religious Ceremony or Registry Office

Yeah they’re two ways of achieving the same thing. But did you know you can get a registrar to attend pretty much anywhere you want them to (for a fee, obvs)? Another route to the same thing is to have a celebrant. You have to get the legal bit out of the way before hand (literally just paperwork and witnesses), but then you can have a ceremony whenever and wherever you want.

If you book a celebrant you can completely personalise your ceremony. Vows and rings still happen, but the door is open for you to do loads more. You can find out all about celebrants and what they do over here.

Oh, and if you want to do something open air then it means you get to commission or hire an awesome structure, like these beauts from All Bunched Up.

Tradition 2:

“You gotta have group shots”

There’s a scene in Seinfeld where Elaine’s friend has had a baby, and she’s talking about what she’s doing and says “I’m going to see the baby, because you know, ya gotta go see the baby.” Jerry shrugs in agreement “ya gotta see the baby,” he concurs. Neither of them like kids.

I’m kind of conflicted on this one. I wrote about this recently because I think there’s a tendency to either go for no group shots whatsoever, or have a gazillion group shots and no time left for mingling.

The fact is this one is really up to you. If you don’t like group shots you don’t have to have them. Most modern wedding photographers don’t do some of the really tacky stuff that was popular 20 years ago, so they’ll respect your decision either way. Personally, I reckon that a few group shots is more than enough. They’re a really strange tradition – everyone gets there in their finest clothes and stands stock still, with a grin on their face, and stares directly into the camera. Bit Victorian, no? What if, instead of that, you just told the photographer who the important guests and relatives are, then we take loads of candids and make sure these people feature in them? Authentic moments with all your fave people, while everyone gets to relax and have a drink. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

peak district wedding photographer

Tradition 3:

A three course sit down meal with proper place settings

To start you’ll have a bowl of soup, then it’s chicken, followed by chocolate terrine. Sounds delicious. Nowt wrong with it. I eat soup on the daily at this time of year.


You could have….

Fish and chips. Burritos. Hand-stretched pizza, still hot from a clay oven. Bangers and mash. Gourmet burgers. Vietnamese street food.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Can you tell I’ve not had my lunch yet?

One Fab Day has loads of practical tips for non-traditional wedding eats on this post.

Tradition 4:

Dads giving their daughters away.

On an individual basis I think fine, anyone can walk down an aisle with whoever they choose to accompany them. If that’s a dad walking his daughter down the aisle then cool, if it’s a choice they’ve made. And obviously, there are sentimental reasons for carrying this tradition on. 

But until parents start giving away their sons, I’ll maintain that this is batshit bonkers.


(Sorry for swearing Mum).

Tradition 5:

wearing heels when you don’t normally wear heels.

It is my professional opinion, as a wedding photographer and fellow human, that you should never, ever wear anything you don’t like, that hurts, or that makes you walk like you’ve done a whoopsie. Personally, heels make all three of those things happen. 

We all know that when it comes to doing anything except sitting down, flats rule. Pretty girly flats, converse, docs, or something custom – choose a pair of shoes you can actually walk in, dance in, and enjoy your wedding day in.

peak district wedding photographer

When it comes to weddings I’m a massive believer in doing things your way, rather than ‘the way it’s always been done’. Of course, nothing in this post is intended to have a pop at those who choose tradition – I’m just highlighted a few things that I can be planned more thoughtfully. I love it when people really customise their wedding day, rather than picking what tradition dictates. 

So long as you enjoy it all, crack on! The next post will definitely be the details one I was trying to write instead of this one.


If you’re having a chilled out wedding in 2019 you should check out my offer through the link below. I promise it’s a good ‘un!

2019 Wedding Photography special offer

I'm offering ten couples who book me for a full day in 2019 the chance to get a complimentary highlights film along with their wedding photography. There are only a few spots left.


A Stonking Festival Wedding Photoshoot in Wales

A Stonking Festival Wedding Photoshoot in Wales

I’ve been properly excited about the Giraffe Shed ever since it first popped up on my Instagram feed. It’s a brand new wedding venue, built just this year with Hannah’s whole family helping out. Natural light pours in through glass walls, a rainbow wall and three (count ’em) neon lights in the shape of lightning strikes.

In short, it’s the perfect barn wedding venue for a festival wedding. If you want your wedding to be all about colour, fun, an epic location, and if you want to create something that’s truly unique, you really need to check out this gallery. Together, the suppliers put together an alternative, slightly edgy look, shattering the illusion that all weddings need to be light, airy, floaty and girly. Weddings can be whatever you want them to be.

photograph of the Giraffe Shed wedding venue in Mid-Wales

As you can tell from the picture above, the shed is still not quite finished. It’s open for shoots like this, but it’s not quite yet ready for real weddings.  So under the direction of Elysian Hive, and with a crack team of suppliers (listed below), I set out to the Shed on a (very) drizzly Sunday, and got some epic shots.

2019 Wedding Photography special offer

I'm offering ten couples who book me for a full day in 2019 the chance to get a complimentary highlights film along with their wedding photography. There are only a few spots left.


Shoot Details:

This was a styled shoot co-ordinated by Elysian Hive (Jade McGuire & Rachael Burton)

Instagram Tags:

Venue: @thegiraffeshed 
Dress: @shikobabride 
Models: @cjcarpenter.co.uk @theunidentifiedrocker 
Leather jacket: @opheliarose_handpainted 
Cake: @cowandcake 
Glitter: @lunaglitterbar 
Flowers: @bizzilizziflowers 
Styling: @bespokeeventsandstyling 
Newspaper: @photopressuk 
Stationery: @knockknockpennystudio 
Lighting: @peterlockwoodevents
Hair: @ypdws_elinwyn_bridalhair 
Make up: @tonisearlemua 
Candles: @bluebellgrey

Can we talk about…group photos?

Can we talk about…group photos?

…they are probably never the photos that they couple are excited to see as soon as they return from honeymoon but I know they are the photographs that I find most fascinating from looking at my parent’s wedding images. Lisa Devlin

Photographer Extraordinaire

Dear group shots,

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. In a way you’re like the ugly step sister of wedding photography. You’re part of the family, but you’re not cinderella. I don’t really show group photos on my website unless I feel I must. It’s not your fault you’re like this, it’s just, I prefer someone else.

Let me explain a bit first.

As a relative newbie to the world of wedding photography, group shots are the part of the wedding I least look forward to shooting. I should try to love them more, because couples really do value these shots. Guests can be tricky to persuade though, and often take opportunities to lurk behind others if they thing they can get away with it.

Wedding photography is a funny old beast. Most people are happy for the couple and they enjoy the day, but feel put out at being included in group photos. Whenever I’ve been asked to be part of a group photo I’ve always felt a bit special, realising that the couple wants me to participate in something that they’ll get to keep forever, that I mean something to them. I think that’s something I need to communicate better to anyone who feels put out at being included in a group wedding photo – It’s not for you or me, it’s for them.


wedding group photo of two families taken on a the steps of a town house in liverpool
(a tricky group photo this one – not only did I take it, I am also in it!)

Getting Good Group Photos At Your Wedding

There are a few sure fire ways to get those group shots in the bag, leaving you to go off and enjoy your wedding knowing that they’re done and dusted. I’ve been in business as a wedding photographer for about a year now, and I’ve photographed weddings of all different sizes in lots of different locations. I’ve also shadowed 3 fabulous photographers this summer, and learnt an absolute ton about making group shots as easy and fun as possible.

1. Keep the number of shots to a minimum

A group shot can take a few minutes to compose. The bigger the shot, the longer it takes to get everyone standing in the right place and looking the right way. If you have more than 6-8 group photos to take, you’re going to need to set aside a chunk of time to make sure they’re done.


2. Do the big one first, immediately after your ceremony if possible.

Getting everyone together is hard, but if everyone’s already there as they’re leaving your ceremony then that’s the hardest bit over! Do the big ass group shots before the bar opens.


3. Keep your list of group photos short

As a wedding photographer I’ve quickly learnt what does and doesn’t work for group shots. If you’ve hired me to take relaxed photos with a creative twist, then I’m not going to be able do 22 group photos and fulfil the rest of my brief. We can usually get everything essential in 6-8 group shots, and then you can have more time enjoying yourselves and catching up with old mates instead of standing around in front of a camera.


4. Give the list to someone with a loud voice.

A groomsman, usher or bridesmaid is perfect for this. They usually have a good idea who is who at your wedding, and they’re invaluable in terms of rounding people up. It seriously saves a lot of time!


5. Don’t be afraid to show your personalities.

I’m not one for really staged photos, but I do love a group shot that’s not just about standing stock still, staring at the camera. Lisa Devlin is amazing for getting creative in her group shots, and I’d love to try something out like this (click to see awesome group shot inspo).

a group photo of a bride and groom with their bridesmaids all having a laugh outside at the wedding reception
I’m sorry, Group Photos, for having neglected to talk about you or really big you up in any way. I’m not going to pretend that I find you a bit of a faff sometimes, but that I respect your place in the day itself. You’re the awkward middle child of the wedding day, but things needn’t be this way. I’ll be kinder to you from now on, and that’s a promise.


Caroline x

Intimate Wedding Photography | Laurence + Lisa

Intimate Wedding Photography | Laurence + Lisa

You know that feeling, when you’ve finally found the one? They might be a little quirky, a little different, but you fully accept one another for who they are, and in no time at all you just can’t imagine your life without them? 

That is the enduring feeling I got from Laurence and Lisa. 

Having grown up in Bangor, Wales, Lisa wanted a wedding that her close family could attend. The couple found a beautiful town hall for their wedding ceremony, and it was just a minute’s walk from this awesome sea front. As a rather private couple, their wedding was always going to be an intimate occasion rather than a great, stonking blowout, and I have to say they couldn’t have chosen a more fitting location.

Laurence + Lisa’s intimate wedding was not a big, bold, brash affair. It was a perfect celebration of who they are together. I wish them every happiness in their lives together.

If you’re looking for a relaxed wedding photographer for your own wedding then I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com, or make an enquiry through my contact page. I’d love to hear from you!


Caroline x

Autumn Family Photoshoot Deal

Autumn Family Photoshoot Deal

How I Approach You

As a family photographer my main motivation is figuring out how to capture an essence of your personalities. The way you interact. The dynamics of your family, and all the personalities involved. For me, this is not about standing stock still in a perfectly lit studio with your hair and makeup just so.

It’s not about posing or doing anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Photograph of a young boy with curly brown hair punching bubbles floating in the air out in a parkland - autumn family photoshoot

Let Them Be Little

My sessions are all about letting kids be kids, whatever their age. It relaxes everyone, and you’re free to join in with their fun too. I let kids explore, to run around and free-range. The normal interactions you have with your children provide ample opportunities to get gorgeous and varied photographs of you all together (because we all know that mums are usually the ones holding the camera)

black and white photograph of a toddler girl with messy hair playing at home with a toy cup and laughing
photograph of a mother holding her little girl in their garden on a sunny day
image of two parents sitting on a wooden floor in their living room in front of a bay window and tickling their little boy with train track strewn about - autumn family photoshoot
photograph of a boy standing on crunchy autumn leaves wearing a woolly hat and duffel coat and smiling happily - autumn family photoshoot


I know that the idea of a photographer in your family space can feel daunting. I always feel like my house isn’t quite tidy enough or as I’d want to see it in photos. But it’s where we live, and to my children it’s their home, their safe space. They are themselves when we’re at home. As a photographer I can also assure you that I won’t be taking photos of the details of your home, because you and your children will be my focus.

If you want the photos but the thought of doing it at home fills you with dread, then we can go outdoors, or simply split the session between indoors and a nearby park or garden.


photograph of a boy playing with his mother in his tastefully decorating bedroom with an orange lion glove puppet on his hand - autumn family photoshoot

Who Is It For?

My autumn family photoshoots are suitable for families of all sizes, and children of all ages. Because my approach is mainly documentary, all the direction from me is simply about where the best light is. I might give you simple ideas for how to interact, and we can work on a plan for the session together, so that everyone has fun and you get memories that matter to you. 

These autumn family photoshoot sessions are available for families around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

peaceful close up photograph of a mother holding her baby boy close and gently kissing his head as they stand in their kitchen - autumn family photoshoot

The Deal

 Book your shoot between September 4 and 18th to get the following:

 A pre-session chat

60-90 minute session at home or outdoors

Full image editing

An online gallery with a minimum of 30 hi-res images with full printing and sharing rights

All images on a USB

For just £225

(that’s a third off!)

I’m only running this deal for 10 families, so be sure to book your slot ASAP to avoid disappointment. Bookings are secured with a £50 deposit, and sessions must be booked in by September 18th to take advantage of this offer. 

You can get in touch with me on the contact form below. 

For a bit of inspiration to get you started on planning your family photoshoot this autumn, check out Albie’s bathtime gallery, a documentary session at home, and a family photoshoot at Shipley Park.


Caroline x

Relaxed Wedding Photography Shoot Day pt. 2

Relaxed Wedding Photography Shoot Day pt. 2

Last week I wrote about my experience taking part in a festival wedding styled shoot with the Alternatives.

This week it’s time to talk all about part deux! A totally different theme, different styling and different couple but with the same awesome team on the same, awesome day.

List of Suppliers: 

Models – Lucie Lowe + Oli

Florals – All Bunched Up & Emily The Florist

Ribbons – Bertie & Fred

Ring – London Victorian Ring Co.

Stationery – A Little Pigment

Venue – Jervaulx Abbey

MUA – Lucy Hart

Hair – Saskia Borrans

Macrame – Frankie & Flea

Stylist – Emily K Weddings

The Grecian Gardens


I’m not going to lie – I was slightly apprehensive about this portion of the day. My wedding photos are all about emotion, whether that involves happy faces and bright colour, or more moody tones and extreme close ups.

I take a relaxed approach to wedding photography – I love anticipating the special, organic moments that happen between couples and their guests on their wedding day, and jumping in with my camera.  I was seriously relieved to find out that our Grecian Gardens models are a real couple, so I’d be able to shoot in a way I love.

I knew that the tones and spaces involved in the Grecian Gardens style would push my creativity though, so I pulled up my big girl pants, and set off into what’s left of the medieval abbey.

The Details

A crack team comprising of a jeweller, stationer, two florists, a ribbon-supplier and a baker got together with the help of wedding stylist extraordinaire, Emily K, to create the amazing look behind this shoot. It was so seamless and spot on, and is proper #weddinggoals.

Lucie + Oli

Lucie and Oli are a real couple who are also real models. They’re like a wedding photoshoot superteam! A dream to work with, they allowed me to do pretty much anything and go anywhere. I gave them way more direction than normal because usually I like to go more candid, and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Wedding Ceremony

The Alternatives arrange their workshops to stick to the time constraints of a real wedding. What this really means is that at the end of a day’s solid shooting in a location you’ve never been to before, you get 2 minutes to shoot the couple as if they’ve just got married. I think that’s pretty damn awesome for a styled shoot! Every element of the day was designed to look like a real wedding, so we got to use this awesome macrame backdrop. Sa-weet!

I truly had the best time shooting with the Alternatives. It’s so good getting to flex my creative muscles, and make them stronger. It’s so good getting to meet likeminded people, and work with a sense of community over competition. And it’s so good to share these photos with you now!


If you’re looking for relaxed wedding photography, or if you’re interested in collaborating with me on a styled shoot then give me a shout! You can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com.


Peace x

Festival Wedding Photography Shoot Day

Festival Wedding Photography Shoot Day

As a self-employed wedding photographer I can get pretty lonely. I mostly use my kitchen to work in (a dangerous move when that’s where you keep the food). It’s handy having a kettle nearby, but the banter leaves something to be desired. Sometimes I miss the days of working in a busy wine shop, but then I realise how freaking awesome it is to make a living doing something you love.


But I digress…


I’ve talked before about how I started out as a family photographer, but that wedding photography is where my heart is. I’m always on the look out for opportunities to shoot with others, make links and get some primo shooting experience. A styled shoot ticks so many boxes!


When I saw that Jo and Jenny from The Alternatives had put together a double shoot in a single day at Jervaulx Abbey, I just knew I had to be there. I’ll blog part two (a Grecian Gardens theme – S W O O N) next week, but first, let me tell you all about part one.

Jervaulx Abbey


Jervaulx was built in 1156. You can imagine what’s left – impressions of an important building constructed of local stone, with arches and trees all over the grounds. Beside the ruins of the abbey is a large open space, with sheep grazing among and gently undulating hillside. Romantic as F.

The perfect setting for a yurt, decorated with florals and greenery, in a festival wedding style with a little ceremony space at the front. You can just imagine having an epic party right here!

A yurt and a small ceremony space set up for a festival style wedding in the grounds of an abbey in Yorkshire

The Details

One of the reasons weddings can take such a lot of time to put together is because you can really go to town on the details. Happily, we had a crack team of kickass wedding suppliers who were all pitching in and making this wedding shoot look utterly amazing. The full list of suppliers is included at the end of this post.

Here’s some of their finest work.

A wedding photograph of an alternative couple relaxing and holding each other as they sit side by side in their yurt

Rory And Becky


Both the couples modelling for us during the shoot day are real couples. Rory and Becky here hail from Derbyshire too (all the best folks do, duck). They have no modelling experience, like most people who are getting married and I thought they just oozed cool from the moment I met them.

Their connection as a couple was incredible. How many couples do you know who could gaze lovingly at each other for a whole day?! During a normal wedding I like to whisk the happy couple off for 20 minutes to nail their couples portraits, so this was such a treat.

The Couples Portraits

(AKA The Best Bit Of The Wedding Photography)

Kickass Suppliers

This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without this amazing team of inspiring vendors. They’re all super duper friendly and talented. All links are clicky, so if you’re looking for that certain something for your wedding I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.


Models – Becky & Rory

Dress – Meggie & Ma

Flowers – All Bunched Up x Emily The Florist

Ribbons – Bertie & Fred

Cake – Where The Ribbon Ends

Stationery – Photopress 

Venue – Jervaulx Abbey

Make Up – Lucy Hart Makeup Artist

Glitter Make Up – Lucy Hart x The Gypsy Shrine

Hair – Saskia Borrans

Ice Cream – Brymor Ice Cream

Styling – Emily K Weddings

Shooting With – The Alternatives