Autumn Family Photoshoot Deal

Autumn Family Photoshoot Deal

How I Approach You

As a family photographer my main motivation is figuring out how to capture an essence of your personalities. The way you interact. The dynamics of your family, and all the personalities involved. For me, this is not about standing stock still in a perfectly lit studio with your hair and makeup just so.

It’s not about posing or doing anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Photograph of a young boy with curly brown hair punching bubbles floating in the air out in a parkland - autumn family photoshoot

Let Them Be Little

My sessions are all about letting kids be kids, whatever their age. It relaxes everyone, and you’re free to join in with their fun too. I let kids explore, to run around and free-range. The normal interactions you have with your children provide ample opportunities to get gorgeous and varied photographs of you all together (because we all know that mums are usually the ones holding the camera)

black and white photograph of a toddler girl with messy hair playing at home with a toy cup and laughing
photograph of a mother holding her little girl in their garden on a sunny day
image of two parents sitting on a wooden floor in their living room in front of a bay window and tickling their little boy with train track strewn about - autumn family photoshoot
photograph of a boy standing on crunchy autumn leaves wearing a woolly hat and duffel coat and smiling happily - autumn family photoshoot


I know that the idea of a photographer in your family space can feel daunting. I always feel like my house isn’t quite tidy enough or as I’d want to see it in photos. But it’s where we live, and to my children it’s their home, their safe space. They are themselves when we’re at home. As a photographer I can also assure you that I won’t be taking photos of the details of your home, because you and your children will be my focus.

If you want the photos but the thought of doing it at home fills you with dread, then we can go outdoors, or simply split the session between indoors and a nearby park or garden.


photograph of a boy playing with his mother in his tastefully decorating bedroom with an orange lion glove puppet on his hand - autumn family photoshoot

Who Is It For?

My autumn family photoshoots are suitable for families of all sizes, and children of all ages. Because my approach is mainly documentary, all the direction from me is simply about where the best light is. I might give you simple ideas for how to interact, and we can work on a plan for the session together, so that everyone has fun and you get memories that matter to you. 

These autumn family photoshoot sessions are available for families around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

peaceful close up photograph of a mother holding her baby boy close and gently kissing his head as they stand in their kitchen - autumn family photoshoot

The Deal

 Book your shoot between September 4 and 18th to get the following:

 A pre-session chat

60-90 minute session at home or outdoors

Full image editing

An online gallery with a minimum of 30 hi-res images with full printing and sharing rights

All images on a USB

For just £225

(that’s a third off!)

I’m only running this deal for 10 families, so be sure to book your slot ASAP to avoid disappointment. Bookings are secured with a £50 deposit, and sessions must be booked in by September 18th to take advantage of this offer. 

You can get in touch with me on the contact form below. 

For a bit of inspiration to get you started on planning your family photoshoot this autumn, check out Albie’s bathtime gallery, a documentary session at home, and a family photoshoot at Shipley Park.


Caroline x

Bathtime with Albie – Baby Photoshoot Derbyshire

Bathtime with Albie – Baby Photoshoot Derbyshire

A Splashy Baby Photoshoot in Derbyshire

I love it when I warm to a mum on the phone straightaway. I get so excited about the session right then and there on the phone, and I never feel like I’m just going through all the usual spiel even though I have a certain amount of info to get through.

Because by the time I’ve listened to you, heard about your family and gotten a sense of who you are, I remember why I love this job. I get the immense privilege of capturing your every day, the things you do together as a family. The every day gets a bad rap, but there’s joy in it if you take the time to look.

And so it was with Albie’s baby photoshoot. He’s not a newborn, so I knew I wasn’t in for a long, sleepy, relaxed session. He’s a proper bundle of joy – able to sit, starting to crawl, starting to babble, and wanting to cruise. His every day involves lots of cuddles, space to play, and constant exploration.

Like I told you, there’s joy in the every day.

photograph of a baby standing with help from his father and walking towards his mother who is sitting on the sofa in their living room and holding her arms out to him

We started out in the living room. Albie’s had just woken up so he was a bit wary of me. They sat together and read a book while I took a few snaps in between fussing their super cuddly cockapoo (and wishing I had one of my own!).

The first part of a family photoshoot is usually the most awkward. People take a while to get used to me and my camera, which I totally get. It’s what makes at-home sessions so great though, because I’m able to encourage people to just interact the way they would if there wasn’t a photographer in the room. I stop shooting for a short while, and then, like some kind of Canon-sponsored ninja, I start taking a few stealthy shots.

image of two parents sitting on a sofa smiling and reading a book with their baby during a photoshoot in derbyshire
photograph of a baby sitting on a blue playmat in a living room smiling at his mother who is singing songs with him

Lizzie’s idea for their family shoot was perfect. Albie outside in the bath! She knew it’d make him happy, and they could all join in on the fun. And that after his bath Albie could have all the cuddles and love, and then I’d just peel away and leave them to eat their lunch. So we just bloody went for it.

Albie is about 10 months old. He’s not a little baby, and he’s starting to get more mobile. This kind of chilled-out, free-flowing photoshoot at home is just perfect for this age. I never once had to pose him or his parents – I found the best light, then simply hung out around the edges of the action and documented it as I saw fit. 

Albie’s Gallery

If you’d like to discuss having a baby photoshoot in or around Derbyshire (or perhaps even further afield) then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love working with all kinds of families and kids of all ages to get gorgeous photos that you’ll love for years to come. The days are long but the years are short! 


You can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com or fill out my contact form to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

4 Ways to Choose an Epic Location for Your Family Photoshoot

4 Ways to Choose an Epic Location for Your Family Photoshoot

Not so long ago, if you wanted family photographs you’d call a photographer, ask to see their printed portfolio and then schlep out to their studio for a session almost entirely designed by them. Thank god the world is a different place now. Family photography has been totally up-ended, so now your photoshoot can focus on you.

But when the world is such an awesome playground, how do you choose just one location? You don’t need to be overwhelmed by the options open to you.

My handy guide to choosing a family photoshoot location that works for you is here to save the day!

Take a look at these images. Which draws you in more?

Do you love those dreamy photos of perfect children posing-but-looking-natural in a field, with the background blurred “just so”? These photos are really beautiful, it’s undeniable. They tend to happen during golden hour, around dusk. Fields and woodland are popular.

image from a family photoshoot of a mother and her toddler hugging and touching noses in autumnal woodland
black and white photo of a man cradling his baby girl at home during a documentary style family photoshoot

Or you might prefer an alternative style. The current minimalist, artsy trend for documentary style photographs works amazingly well for kids. Unlike the other photo, family photography in this style doesn’t involve posing, and the background is more of a focus.

Whichever of these photos you prefer, you still have the agony of choice over where to have your shoot. It’s not as straightforward as outdoor photoshoot = dreamy, posed moments and at home = more candid.

photograph of a small boy holding his mother's hand during a family photoshoot at crich tramway museum

These are the other things you need to bear in mind when picking a location for your family photoshoot.

How old your kids are

If your kid(s) are really small, then taking them to a cliff edge in the Peak District isn’t going to be the most relaxing time you’ve ever spent together.

Equally, if your kids are old enough to understand the risks of such a location, and they’d get all “ugh Muuuum” at being made to stand around a tree for 10 minutes, you might want to consider somewhere more exciting.

Older children like to interact with their environment in a more adventurous way. They climb trees and rocks, have races and go mad.

Little kids are generally happy anywhere, but you’ll require a stiff drink if you take them somewhere riskier.

photograph of a boy on his bed as his mother tickles him during a family photoshoot

Do you want to be directed, or would you rather play?

I hate having my photograph taken. I hate standing around and feeling like I have to smile. Every adult I’ve ever photographed has said it, and I feel it too!

Having someone direct you can really help if you’re not sure where to put yourselves, how to stand etc. But playing is amazing too. You can have both, but whichever one you choose requires a level of trust between you and the photographer.

If you opt to pose then be patient with your children. If you opt for a documentary flow then make sure you and the photographer properly plan the session, otherwise there’ll be nothing to take photos of.

What you all like to do

Do you like to discover new places and explore your surroundings?

Do you like to take the dog out for a big adventure every weekend?

Would you rather stay at home?

There’s just no point choosing a location that you can’t stand. So pick one you love! It can be your home, and it can be somewhere beautiful. If you ask nicely, it can even be both.

wide candid shot of a family in front of a snowy hilly landscape during a family photoshoot in the peak district
black and white photography of a child hugging her mother as her father holds a baby and smiles in the background - family photoshoot derbyshire

Does the location need to be significant?

Sometimes a family just wants to hang out at home. Sometimes they want an experience, something more adventurous where the kids can run around and explore. Some families want to do something, and have it be documented.

All these things are a good way to get natural, documentary style family photographs, which incorporates the setting.

Alternatively, if you’re after a more posed look then the location is not so significant. A local woodland or field with wildflowers is as good a choice as any.

photograph of a young boy with curly hair popping bubbles outdoors during a family photoshoot in nottingham
photograph of a mother throwing and catching her toddler in the air during a family photoshoot in derbyshire
image from a family photoshoot in which a father and son stand in front of a lake

If your kids are high energy explorers, you might want to consider having your family photography session outdoors. There are so many inspiring locations on your doorstep! A good photographer will take their ages and interests into account, and discuss all of this with you.

Alternatively, if your kids are young and prone to falling off cliffs, you can totally hang out at home and still capture some pretty awesome memories.

image from a family photoshoot as a boy plays with a foam water pistol at a local splashpad

The third option is always worth exploring – do both! Each family is different, I approach all of them with a totally open mind.

I love going on adventures, but I also love hanging out at home with a cup of tea and a few books, and savouring all those delicious cuddles with my kids before they grow up and stop thinking I’m cool.

If that’s you, then just say so. Choose home and adventure!

If you’re thinking about having a family photoshoot but would like to learn a bit more about it, take a look at my family FAQs page. I’m happy to go pretty much anywhere for family sessions, and design them around each family’s needs.


Interested in booking a family photoshoot? You can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com to chat about everything you want.

Sheffield Newborn Photography At Home With Xander & Sebby

Sheffield Newborn Photography At Home With Xander & Sebby

Newborn Photography At Home With Xander & Sebby

a session at home in Sheffield with two kids and their mum


World, meet Xander and Sebby. One a bundle of sweetness at a few weeks old, the other a three year old ball of energy and fun.


My newborn photography sessions always happen at home. What better place to capture these memories than the place you’re all most comfortable? Being able to help your kids to snacks and juice just completely removes that extra layer of stress, and your home is where your memories are made. It’s your space, the place you feel most calm and safe.


When I photograph newborns I always make sure to include older siblings as much as possible. I love to capture their personalities too, because I see this as an opportunity to get pictures of the whole family. Newborn photographs can show so many things – the gorgeous tininess of the newest member of the family, the shift in the family dynamic, the calm quiet strength of a mother who’s just brought new life into the world, and the beautiful sibling relationship that’s about to bloom.

Xander was snoozing at the beginning of the shoot, so we decided to focus on Sarah and Sebby playing together. It was great to get to know them in this way first, as it made the rest of the session flow smoothly. Sebby was thrilled to show me his brand new big boy room – and with Tobias and the Bear bedding, I can’t say I blame him!

family photograph of a mother and son playing with a hand puppet in the child's bedroom - newborn photography
photograph of a boy talking to his mother as he bounces on his bed during a newborn photography session at home in sheffield
photograph of a little boy on his bed being tickled by his mother during his brother's newborn photography session at home in sheffield
a close up photograph of a newborn baby with his eyes wide open - newborn photography sheffield
photography of newborn feet waving in the air at home in front of a blurred back garden in the distance - newborn photography sheffield
photograph of a yawning newborn in a sleepyhead - newborn photography sheffield
photograph taken over a mother's shoulder as she looks down at her peaceful newborn baby - natural newborn photography sheffield
photograph of a little boy playing outdoors with bubbles as his mother cradles her newborn and looks on from the background - newborn photography sheffield
photograph of a peaceful looking mother holding her sleeping newborn baby close to her chest - newborn photography sheffield
photograph of a mother lifting her son for a kiss during a newborn photography session at home
close up photograph of a baby's bare feet as he feeds from his mother - newborn photography sheffield
photograph looking down on a little boy and his baby brother laying down on a toddler bed together - newborn photography sheffield
photograph looking down on the feet of a baby and his older brother laying down on a bed together - newborn photography sheffield

To find out more about my family/newborn photography sessions, pop over to the Family Photography page.

A Morning With the Redferns – Natural Baby Photography Derby

A Morning With the Redferns – Natural Baby Photography Derby

As soon as I spoke with Natasha on the phone I knew that this would be a gorgeous session. She described her home to me, her family and what they liked to do, and we just clicked straightaway. I could tell she was a chilled out person, and a lovely mother to her six month old little girl. In fact the very first thing she told me was that she and her husband were “all for natural, unforced photographs”. I couldn’t ask for more than that!

Session day rolled around, and we were blessed with beautiful weather. We started off indoors, letting the baby play with some of her toys. As she was only just six months, and in a good mood, we were able to take everything at a comfortable pace.

a mother smile as she holds her baby girl up in the air in front of a gallery wall in their home - baby photography derby
a black and white image of a father holding his baby girl on his hip in a light and airy open plan kitchen during a baby photography session in Derby

Being a mum myself, I know how tricky it can be to balance the needs of a baby with a scheduled appointment, which is a major factor in why I visit families in their homes for sessions. Natasha and I had already discussed this, and she knew that I wouldn’t mind if she needed to stop and feed, change or cuddle the baby. As it happened, feeding and changing weren’t needed during their photoshoot, but there were plenty of cuddles with both parents.

The sun was high in the sky, and the light poured in through the patio doors. After a while we ventured outside into their garden. After such a long winter it was good to be back outside, feeling the warmth on my skin.

As with so many families I photograph, Natasha and Paul were a little uneasy about being in front of the camera. Over time I decided to stop posing people, or telling them to simply “act natural” because I totally get this feeling. I hate having my photo taken too! Instead, I like to find the best light for taking photos, and then set up a way for families to sit or stand together, and give them time to relax into it. As a result, my family photography sessions are really chilled out, and natural.

image of a family with a six month old baby in their home - baby photography derby
black and white image of two parents and their baby girl smiling as they play together - baby photography debry
close up photograph of a baby's feet as her parents hold her in dappled shade - baby photography derby
black and white photograph of a mother smiling at her baby girl - baby photography derby
colourful photograph of two parents at home with their baby in front of a purple wall - baby photography derby
unposed photograph of a father holding his baby daughter outside in front of trees - baby photography derby
black and white photograph of a father holding his baby girl with his head against hers - baby photography derby

I had a lovely morning with Natasha, Paul and Ella. If you’re looking for natural family or baby photography in Derby and the surrounding areas, then drop me an email or check out my family photography page for more info.

The Van Krimpens – Fly on the wall family photography Chilwell

The Van Krimpens – Fly on the wall family photography Chilwell

The Van Krimpens

Fly on the wall family photography in Chilwell

Rachel and Phil were among the first families I worked with when I started out as a photographer. We went to White Post Farm for her daughter’s first birthday, and had a lovely chilled out time meeting lots of animals and feeding the ducks.

black and white photo of family with young toddler meeting a llama

Since then, Rachel and Phil have had another baby. He’s about to turn one, and Rachel wanted to capture some of their time at home together before she heads back to work.  Their daughter is now two and a half, and with a little brother to include I knew this would be a delightful session for all of us.

We spent an hour in their home, letting the kids do the everyday things they enjoy, playing and dancing, pulling funny faces and building towers. The session was completely chilled out, with zero posing. They are such naturals, I didn’t have to pull a single trick out of my sleeve to draw out their personalities (but trust me, I have tricks up the wazoo).

Their son was napping in the sling when I arrived, so I got to capture some shots of Ariadne and her dad, playing in a spot of light by the window.

black and white photo of a father and daughter talking together by the window light - family photography chilwell

When Orion awoke he was raring to go! First Rachel dressed him – while I resisted the urge to gobble up those delicious legs – and then let him go wherever he wanted to be.

colourful image of a mother dressing her toddler son - family photography chilwell

Something I often see as a family photographer working with young kids is that they start the session full of energy and excitement, and burn themselves out within about 45 minutes. All that running around and expression takes such a lot of energy, and it’s the perfect lead in to create those tender moments – the ones where they seek comfort and reassurance from their parents.

These two kids encapsulate perfectly why having family sessions in your home is a brilliant way to capture childhood. Their faces and body language are so chilled and relaxed, their curiosity and playfulness could be completely encouraged and there was just no stress. You don’t need to live in a show home or shoo the pets into the shed for a fly on the wall family shoot – you just need to be you, and I’ll do the rest.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about Ariadne & Orion’s family session and you’re thinking about how this would work for your family, why not drop me a line? Email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com to discuss a shoot in your home.