Autumn Family Photoshoot Deal

Autumn Family Photoshoot Deal

How I Approach You

As a family photographer my main motivation is figuring out how to capture an essence of your personalities. The way you interact. The dynamics of your family, and all the personalities involved. For me, this is not about standing stock still in a perfectly lit studio with your hair and makeup just so.

It’s not about posing or doing anything you wouldn’t normally do.

Photograph of a young boy with curly brown hair punching bubbles floating in the air out in a parkland - autumn family photoshoot

Let Them Be Little

My sessions are all about letting kids be kids, whatever their age. It relaxes everyone, and you’re free to join in with their fun too. I let kids explore, to run around and free-range. The normal interactions you have with your children provide ample opportunities to get gorgeous and varied photographs of you all together (because we all know that mums are usually the ones holding the camera)

black and white photograph of a toddler girl with messy hair playing at home with a toy cup and laughing
photograph of a mother holding her little girl in their garden on a sunny day
image of two parents sitting on a wooden floor in their living room in front of a bay window and tickling their little boy with train track strewn about - autumn family photoshoot
photograph of a boy standing on crunchy autumn leaves wearing a woolly hat and duffel coat and smiling happily - autumn family photoshoot


I know that the idea of a photographer in your family space can feel daunting. I always feel like my house isn’t quite tidy enough or as I’d want to see it in photos. But it’s where we live, and to my children it’s their home, their safe space. They are themselves when we’re at home. As a photographer I can also assure you that I won’t be taking photos of the details of your home, because you and your children will be my focus.

If you want the photos but the thought of doing it at home fills you with dread, then we can go outdoors, or simply split the session between indoors and a nearby park or garden.


photograph of a boy playing with his mother in his tastefully decorating bedroom with an orange lion glove puppet on his hand - autumn family photoshoot

Who Is It For?

My autumn family photoshoots are suitable for families of all sizes, and children of all ages. Because my approach is mainly documentary, all the direction from me is simply about where the best light is. I might give you simple ideas for how to interact, and we can work on a plan for the session together, so that everyone has fun and you get memories that matter to you. 

These autumn family photoshoot sessions are available for families around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

peaceful close up photograph of a mother holding her baby boy close and gently kissing his head as they stand in their kitchen - autumn family photoshoot

The Deal

 Book your shoot between September 4 and 18th to get the following:

 A pre-session chat

60-90 minute session at home or outdoors

Full image editing

An online gallery with a minimum of 30 hi-res images with full printing and sharing rights

All images on a USB

For just £225

(that’s a third off!)

I’m only running this deal for 10 families, so be sure to book your slot ASAP to avoid disappointment. Bookings are secured with a £50 deposit, and sessions must be booked in by September 18th to take advantage of this offer. 

You can get in touch with me on the contact form below. 

For a bit of inspiration to get you started on planning your family photoshoot this autumn, check out Albie’s bathtime gallery, a documentary session at home, and a family photoshoot at Shipley Park.


Caroline x

Festival Wedding Photography Shoot Day

Festival Wedding Photography Shoot Day

As a self-employed wedding photographer I can get pretty lonely. I mostly use my kitchen to work in (a dangerous move when that’s where you keep the food). It’s handy having a kettle nearby, but the banter leaves something to be desired. Sometimes I miss the days of working in a busy wine shop, but then I realise how freaking awesome it is to make a living doing something you love.


But I digress…


I’ve talked before about how I started out as a family photographer, but that wedding photography is where my heart is. I’m always on the look out for opportunities to shoot with others, make links and get some primo shooting experience. A styled shoot ticks so many boxes!


When I saw that Jo and Jenny from The Alternatives had put together a double shoot in a single day at Jervaulx Abbey, I just knew I had to be there. I’ll blog part two (a Grecian Gardens theme – S W O O N) next week, but first, let me tell you all about part one.

Jervaulx Abbey


Jervaulx was built in 1156. You can imagine what’s left – impressions of an important building constructed of local stone, with arches and trees all over the grounds. Beside the ruins of the abbey is a large open space, with sheep grazing among and gently undulating hillside. Romantic as F.

The perfect setting for a yurt, decorated with florals and greenery, in a festival wedding style with a little ceremony space at the front. You can just imagine having an epic party right here!

A yurt and a small ceremony space set up for a festival style wedding in the grounds of an abbey in Yorkshire

The Details

One of the reasons weddings can take such a lot of time to put together is because you can really go to town on the details. Happily, we had a crack team of kickass wedding suppliers who were all pitching in and making this wedding shoot look utterly amazing. The full list of suppliers is included at the end of this post.

Here’s some of their finest work.

A wedding photograph of an alternative couple relaxing and holding each other as they sit side by side in their yurt

Rory And Becky


Both the couples modelling for us during the shoot day are real couples. Rory and Becky here hail from Derbyshire too (all the best folks do, duck). They have no modelling experience, like most people who are getting married and I thought they just oozed cool from the moment I met them.

Their connection as a couple was incredible. How many couples do you know who could gaze lovingly at each other for a whole day?! During a normal wedding I like to whisk the happy couple off for 20 minutes to nail their couples portraits, so this was such a treat.

The Couples Portraits

(AKA The Best Bit Of The Wedding Photography)

Kickass Suppliers

This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without this amazing team of inspiring vendors. They’re all super duper friendly and talented. All links are clicky, so if you’re looking for that certain something for your wedding I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.


Models – Becky & Rory

Dress – Meggie & Ma

Flowers – All Bunched Up x Emily The Florist

Ribbons – Bertie & Fred

Cake – Where The Ribbon Ends

Stationery – Photopress 

Venue – Jervaulx Abbey

Make Up – Lucy Hart Makeup Artist

Glitter Make Up – Lucy Hart x The Gypsy Shrine

Hair – Saskia Borrans

Ice Cream – Brymor Ice Cream

Styling – Emily K Weddings

Shooting With – The Alternatives


A Morning With the Redferns – Natural Baby Photography Derby

A Morning With the Redferns – Natural Baby Photography Derby

As soon as I spoke with Natasha on the phone I knew that this would be a gorgeous session. She described her home to me, her family and what they liked to do, and we just clicked straightaway. I could tell she was a chilled out person, and a lovely mother to her six month old little girl. In fact the very first thing she told me was that she and her husband were “all for natural, unforced photographs”. I couldn’t ask for more than that!

Session day rolled around, and we were blessed with beautiful weather. We started off indoors, letting the baby play with some of her toys. As she was only just six months, and in a good mood, we were able to take everything at a comfortable pace.

a mother smile as she holds her baby girl up in the air in front of a gallery wall in their home - baby photography derby
a black and white image of a father holding his baby girl on his hip in a light and airy open plan kitchen during a baby photography session in Derby

Being a mum myself, I know how tricky it can be to balance the needs of a baby with a scheduled appointment, which is a major factor in why I visit families in their homes for sessions. Natasha and I had already discussed this, and she knew that I wouldn’t mind if she needed to stop and feed, change or cuddle the baby. As it happened, feeding and changing weren’t needed during their photoshoot, but there were plenty of cuddles with both parents.

The sun was high in the sky, and the light poured in through the patio doors. After a while we ventured outside into their garden. After such a long winter it was good to be back outside, feeling the warmth on my skin.

As with so many families I photograph, Natasha and Paul were a little uneasy about being in front of the camera. Over time I decided to stop posing people, or telling them to simply “act natural” because I totally get this feeling. I hate having my photo taken too! Instead, I like to find the best light for taking photos, and then set up a way for families to sit or stand together, and give them time to relax into it. As a result, my family photography sessions are really chilled out, and natural.

image of a family with a six month old baby in their home - baby photography derby
black and white image of two parents and their baby girl smiling as they play together - baby photography debry
close up photograph of a baby's feet as her parents hold her in dappled shade - baby photography derby
black and white photograph of a mother smiling at her baby girl - baby photography derby
colourful photograph of two parents at home with their baby in front of a purple wall - baby photography derby
unposed photograph of a father holding his baby daughter outside in front of trees - baby photography derby
black and white photograph of a father holding his baby girl with his head against hers - baby photography derby

I had a lovely morning with Natasha, Paul and Ella. If you’re looking for natural family or baby photography in Derby and the surrounding areas, then drop me an email or check out my family photography page for more info.

Don’t fall in! A relaxed family photography session at Shipley Park, Heanor | Family Photoshoot Derbyshire

Don’t fall in! A relaxed family photography session at Shipley Park, Heanor | Family Photoshoot Derbyshire

Don't fall in! A family photoshoot in Derbyshire.

March 25th, 9.55am. Slightly knackered from moving to BST and forgetting to prep the kids. My phone buzzes. I pick it up with a twinge of panic – I’m due to photograph a family late on in the afternoon, and I always worry that they’ll need to cancel. But no. It’s a simple question:


Lemon meringue, or chocolate brownie?


Chocolate brownie, obvsiously! I practically yell it into my phone, perplexed at what this might mean. Are they testing me? Could they be so generous to offer dessert to a person they’ve never met?

Hours later, intrigued and excited, I packed up my gear and drove a few miles in the early spring sunshine to meet Sam and Natalia, and their children, Alisha and Caspar.

I’d already chatted to Sam about what they were after and how to craft my family photography service to work for their family. He explained that the kids were very young, and wouldn’t be able to really be doing their own thing in the woods. They mainly wanted a few photos they could keep forever that captured their family bond in an authentic way.

I was instantly happy to meet this family – a funny dad, a lovely mum, and two awesome little kids to keep me on my toes. We’d decided to have a simple walk around at Shipley Country Park in Heanor, so that the action and the kids personalities could just unfold and I could observe.

Alisha and Caspar really are little kids. They’re both toddlers, with little over a year between them, and as always with such families, I was completely in awe of just how stress free Sam and Natalia were. I was so pleased to see that they were wearing the sort of clothes they’d usually wear – this is always a great indication for me that a family is comfortable.

Alisha has to be one of the prettiest toddlers I’ve ever met. Her piercing blue eyes seem to look right into you, weighing you up before she warms to you and rewards you with a huge grin. Once we walked down near the lake, Caspar was in his element! He was so happy to skim stones and just be near the water. I love seeing kids out enjoying nature, learning and delighting in what they find.

The sun came out as our session neared its end, and no one fell in the lake. Sam handed me a disgustingly humungous chocolate brownie flavour Easter egg, and all felt good.

Are you looking for a family photoshoot in Derbyshire or the surrounding areas? I’m currently taking bookings from May onwards. Email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com or click here to fill in the enquiry form.

Your Kid’s Behaviour During an Outdoor Photoshoot – Stop Worrying and Trust Me

Your Kid’s Behaviour During an Outdoor Photoshoot – Stop Worrying and Trust Me

It was a hot August day in the Derbyshire Dales. A young child greeted me at the door. “Hello! Fancy a cup of tea?” A more usual greeting than I was accustomed to. I grinned, and followed her inside, her fine wisps of strawberry blonde hair bobbing along in the dappled sunlight of the living room.

A shout drifted down the stairs –

“I hope Eden isn’t bothering you. We were ready, but the baby needed changing”

I could hear the stress in her voice – another hassled parent. “Take your time,” came my response as the small child handed me a plastic cup. The moment I heard the mother’s voice I knew that her anxiety about this session was my priority.

How did we tackle it?

Let me guide you through the my approach towards a stress free family photography session.

You want the memories, right? You want the details remembered.

The way you had to roll their jeans at the ankle so they could run without tearing them, the way their hand slipped into yours so easily when they needed a little security, the way their eyes lit up in wide wonder when they felt happy. This stuff matters, and it’s worth investing a little time to figure out how to get these photos, hassle-free.



You don’t want a morning rushing around to get to your session, only to find that your kids are bored and grumpy, and your husband doesn’t want to be there. You don’t want to be Shouty Mum.

You just want a set of photos that you’re actually in (because it’s usually you holding the camera, right?) and that shows how much you love each other, without having to grin and bear it as you contort yourselves into awkward poses.

Let’s look at this from a little kid’s perspective

Imagine you’re three years old. You like going to the park. You’re used to exploring, finding flowers and bugs, seeing who can run the fastest or find the biggest stick. But this walk is different.

And whenever you hide behind your mum, she tries to stop you. Furthermore, you’re cross because you’re on an important stick-hunting mission that’s been stopped in its tracks.

Your parents have introduced you to a complete stranger who keeps holding a really big black thing in front of her face. Your parents are talking nicely to her, but you’ve never met her before and you’re not sure about this whole situation.

Can you see how this might be a recipe for disaster?

This is a totally normal situation for some kids to find themselves in at the beginning of a session. And it’s ok.


I have little kids of my own, and I’m wise to their antics. I never prise a shy child away from their parents.

Instead I might put my camera away altogether for five minutes, and just talk to them. My Peppa Pig patter is as good as any four year olds, and I’m not averse to singing the Bing Bong song. I’ll explain to them who I am and what I’m there to do. They can look at my camera and maybe take a few shots, and they’re usually pretty chuffed with themselves.

This little boost to their confidence is often enough to get them to trust me.

And if it’s not? I break out the big guns!

So relax.

Let your kid be a kid – if you don’t expect too much of them you never know what they might show you. Think of all the times you’ve felt aware of someone who’s feeling edgy. You were walking on eggshells around them!

The same is true at your session – if you’re stressed then your kids will be stressed.

I’ve photographed dozens of kids and I learnt this lesson over time. Stay calm. Engage. It’s not for long. Let them do what they want for a little while. Experience had taught me that at any moment this child could change from her lovely, happy, helpful self into something else – every Jekyll has a Hyde, and that’s never more apparent that when you’re with kids.

And Eden?

She makes the best cup of imaginary tea I’ve ever tasted.

Do you want the chance to make lasting memories this Spring?

Sign up to join my waiting list, and grab a half price session in a park near you!
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Winter Survival Tips for Knackered Mums | Photographer Derbyshire

Winter Survival Tips for Knackered Mums | Photographer Derbyshire

This winter seems to be dragging on like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Is it just me, or is this winter particularly long and cold, with some really nasty bugs going round? We’re all looking forward to half term, the start of spring and better weather. As a mum I often find myself scratching my head over ways to fill the days right now, and I wondered if other mums are too. What can we do right now to make the days seem less dark?


Take pleasure in the small moments

black and white photo of a toddler girl playing with a cup - photographer derbyshire

They say “the days are long but the years are short”, so make them count. Life with kids is all about the small moments. Whether it’s sitting on the kitchen floor sharing a punnet of blueberries with my kids, or helping my boy learn how to read, I try so hard to be present in these moments. Being a mum means simultaneously living like a blue arsed fly, and feeling the days drag by.


The first time I baked with my boy was one of the most stressful moments in my entire life. I can’t abide mess, especially in a tiny kitchen, and he tried to eat half the raw mixture so I didn’t even get a big cakey reward for my efforts. I tried to think about why this had gone wrong, so the next time I let him choose what we’d be baking. We regularly baked and still do on rainy days. He knows it’s something that’s just for me and him, and it’s a wonderful way to bond.

photograph of a messy kitchen in a baking session - photographer derbyshire

Find a seriously good boxset – or several of them.

There’s a reason why TV is crap in the summer – because the best things are on in the winter. TV Land knows we don’t do much with our evenings at this time of year, so you can guarantee there’ll be good stuff to dive into once the kids are in bed. After a total dearth of decent telly in the warmer months, we were pretty happy to delve back into Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders this winter. Have a date movie night with your partner – or a movie day with your kids, and embrace the hygge.

Think about your summer holiday.

We all need something to look forward to. Looking ahead to what you’ll be doing in warmer months is not just a good way to get through the cold months – it’s necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having five days in Northumberland (which was epic when we did it) or if it’s a month roadtripping across mainland Europe (holiday goals), research something with your kids and get excited about it!

Do something productive that you enjoy.

I rarely feel more peaceful than when I’m embracing my passion – photography. It’s not always easy to take photos at this time of year, and god knows I get sick of being in the four walls of my house, but I make it a priority. I’m a creative person and I love working with my hands, so whether I’m cooking something new or creating something with my camera, I need to have something going on. At the moment I’m doing a year long project, taking a photo every day and making time for it. It keeps my creative juices flowing, which keeps me feeling centred.

photograph of a boy and his father washing a blue car - photographer derbyshireimage of a woman taking a photograph - photographer derbyshireblack and white image of a toddler and her grandmother - photographer derbyshirephotograph of a young girl in a small pretend castle - photographer derbyshire

Eat something good for you

Right now I have a delicious ale stew bubbling away in my oven. I am salivating at the thought. I’ve always been a fan of the kind of food that sticks to your ribs, but at this time of year it’s on another level. My find of the century has been a waffle maker from Lidl for the princely sum of £10. Pile them up with greek yoghurt and fruit, drizzle some honey over, and have a foodgasm.

black and white image of a girl eating waffles - photographer derbyshire

Get out, regardless of the weather. And grab every opportunity for sunshine you can.

photograph of a young family with dressed for cold weather - photographer derbyshire

This is the best tip I can give for winter wellness: GET OUTSIDE. Waterproofs and wellies exist for a reason, so tog up and get out. Run around with your kids if they moan about being cold, fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy whatever gorgeous part of the world you live in – rain or shine.

young girl in a red coat falling over in the snow - photographer derbyshireblack and white image of a man helping a toddler climb a tree - photographer derbyshirephotograph of a boy's hand as he plays with sticks on a fallen tree - photographer derbyshire

I love the outdoors, and love spending time with my kids outside. I love the feeling of all piling back home ready to just chill out and feel cosy with them. Winter’s almost over and I’m so looking forward to spring, but these things are making life a little easier. What about you? How do you get through long winter with small children?

I can often find myself feeling a bit blue, especially when I’m at home with the kids and it just doesn’t seem to stop snowing. I hate being cold and inactive, and the feeling that I’m stuck inside. The above stuff is just my personal checklist, things I like to spend time doing when I know that getting outdoors in the sunshine isn’t easy to achieve. For me, self care is my primary goal at this time of the year, along with making sure my kids have an awesome childhood.

What about you? What’s your strategy for surviving this time of year?