Introducing Documentary Family Photography Sessions

To showcase a bit of what happens during a documentary family photography session, I decided to spend a whole day photographing my own family. For my ‘Day in the Life’, I chose a day when we were getting ready for Christmas. We woke early, and my husband and son went to collect our Christmas tree, leaving me and my young daughter at home to prepare the house. This is what we got up to….

Pre-Dawn. Bleary eyes and bodies.

pre-dawn through the kitchen blind - documentary family photographyBefore the sun. I couldn’t resist capturing the early morning half light in my kitchen as I made crumpets, cups of coffee and hot chocolate through bleary eyes. My kids are early risers, and this is a comforting scene.two children sitting on a sofa in the early morning - documentary family photography


My son is a comfort seeker. He would spend all his days in hoodies, pjs and slippers if I let him. My daughter is going through a naked phase, and will not keep clothes on even if she’s frozen.


A Lazy Morning

I had a morning in the kitchen, and the kids wandered in and out while I washed pots and cleaned surfaces. Every now and then I’d stop what I was doing and pick up my camera to take a few shots.

I love these photos of them playing together, and just pottering about. It’s what our life really looks like most of the time, especially at this time of year when going out takes planning.


What I love most about documentary photography is the way it captures natural connections. Here you can see the relationship between my son and daughter, the way he insists on a kiss from her before going out, and the way they’ll both do their own thing but refer constantly back to each other. The age gap between them ceases to matter when we’re at home and they’re free to explore at their own speed. They play together and apart, and that’s what I wanted to capture.

George also loves to help his Dad, so when they brought back the tree and Tom announced the bottom of it needed to be sawn off, George was all over it like a rash!

And then we spent some time decorating the tree together. As the years pass we accumulate more tree decorations, things they’ve made at school and nursery. We have a one eyed penguin made from a footprint – he started out with two but the passage of time is a cruel dictator – that I insisted went on the tree. Effie found the chocolate decorations, and decided to ‘help’ us by reducing the number of things to put on the tree.

These are the moments I want to remember. They’re not big. They’re not bold. They’re beautiful. Our house is small, and a little untidy. It is not instagrammable, but it’s ours.

I will be launching my family documentary sessions in the New Year. If you’d like to know more about them, feel free to contact me anytime at hello@carolinegoosey.com.