Outdoors family photography sessions are awesome. I mean, I’m completely biased, but I have my reasons. Do you really want to force your kids to wear their ‘best’ clothes, sit in the car for half an hour while you get stressed out about finding a studio, probably argue with your significant other, and then spend an hour in a hot room pretending to be the best version of yourself, all the while wishing you were in the pub? Or do you just want to show up to a nice green spot local to you, a place you’ve probably walked through a thousand times, and have the kids run around with the dog while you sip coffee* from a thermos and actually have a good time?

*if it’s Irish, I won’t mind.

man with child on shoulders looks at mum - family photography sessions

So I’ve put together a list of reasons why you should definitely have this session, and why moving it outdoors is the single best decision you can make. Ever. Fact.

My reasons why family photography sessions are better outdoors

  1. Outdoor family photography sessions are so laid back, they’re practically horizontal. I mean, show up on time and in the right place with your kids and that’s pretty much it.a dad cuddling his one year old little boy - family photography derbyshire

  2. Your kids can BE KIDS. Jumping in puddles, tickle fights, bubble blowing contests, pulling funny faces, climbing trees – they can do all that stuff. Bring a towel and a spare change of clothes, ok?
  3. No awkward posing. I’m looking at you, Dad who doesn’t want to be here. Forcing you into poses while your kids want to get down and run off isn’t going to make for nice pictures. I might ask you to turn your face a bit, or to stay in a particular spot for a short while so I can take advantage of good light, but there’s no need to start vogueing. Unless you want to.
  4. Awesome light. Photographers in studios do an amazing job and I do admire their photos, but I’m a natural light photographer through and through. Sure, we’re at the mercy of the elements, but even overcast light can be fantastic in the right location. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get golden hour.
  5. You can wear truly comfortable clothing. I don’t mean turning up in your dressing gown and slippers, but wellies, jeans and a coat.
  6. You can actually get stuck in. I always think with studio sessions that they’re kind of happening to you, whereas outside sessions kind of hang on your willingness to participate. By showing up ready to engage with your kids, your dog, your partner and the environment, you’re going to get natural happy moments and lots of organic smiles. This is stuck in in a nice way, of course. It’s just a fun walk while a mad woman presses buttons on a camera.black and white photo of a dad playing with his daughter - family photography sessions
  7. You get to spend an hour with people you love in a place you love. There are so many beautiful locations in this part of the UK and most of them are up for grabs.

I think outdoor is the way forward for family photography sessions. They have so much personality to them, and are great for little kids as well as big kids.

If you’re looking for an outdoor family photography session in the Midlands or South Yorkshire, you can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com. I’m currently taking bookings from mid-October onwards.