A Very Derbyshire Wedding

Emma and Lee got married in June 2018 in a beautiful stone church in Belper, and had their reception at Alison House in Matlock. It was low-key - elegant and simple - and the bride and groom were pretty damn hilarious too.

Rule 1. Get an ace car

It started with Emma getting out of her dad’s Jag. He’d bought it after years of walking by a house while he worked as a postie, and pining after it. When Emma and Lee announced their engagement, he just knew he had to have it.

This devoted father spent the morning of his daughter’s wedding polishing his car – 4 times. And when they arrived at the church, the damn door wouldn’t open.

Never has so much tension been dispelled so quickly!


Rule 2. Be a Bridechilla

I bloody love Derbyshire folk. It’s my adoptive home, and I have to say that the people are the most welcoming, the most humble and hilarious people I’ve ever met in my life.

Emma was the ultimate bridechilla, laughing through the ceremony in which they both forgot the words to a good proportion of the hymn they chose, and then drinking a huge amount of champagne on the short drive from the church to Alison House, where they had their reception.

For an afternoon they did what everyone wants for their wedding. They relaxed, hung out with friends, played with their youngest (and most adorable) wedding guest, and just had a good time.


Rule 3. Just be yourselves.

You know, sometimes in this job, you meet a couple and you just know they’re so right for each other. This is the case with this pair. Lee is warm, funny and relaxed. And so is Emma! Neither takes themselves too seriously. They teased each other pretty much relentlessly throughout their couples photoshoot, which in my mind is what most of a marriage is.

Lee and Emma both felt a little uneasy in front of my camera, but thanks to my chilled out approach, silly games (like whispering rude things in each others’ ears) and a little bit of booze, they got well into it and enjoyed a little couple time in their hectic day.

Emma and Lee, it was an honour to photograph your wedding. I wish you every happiness together.

photograph of a bridesmaid in a blue lace dress laughing heartily outside a church at a Derbyshire Wedding
Bride and groom stand smiling at each other at the beginning of their wedding ceremony in a stone church
a bride is helped out of a dark red jaguar car by her father as she arrives at her wedding ceremony in front of some green fields in Derbyshire
A bride and groom smile at each other in front of their wedding guests
A bride and groom leave their wedding ceremony at St Faiths in Belper to a shower of confetti thrown by wedding guests
Close up shot of a bride smiling and holding a bouquet of white roses as confetti rains down from a packet in a guest's hand outside St Faiths church in Belper
photograph of bride and groom with their bridesmaids laughing on a lawn at Derbyshire wedding venue Alison House
photograph of a newly married couple sitting in a pagoda and laughing their socks off together
photograph of newlyweds enjoying a tender moment away from guests on the lawn outside Alison house
photograph of a groom in a dark blue suit playing with a girl in a powder pink dress
wedding guestbook table set up with flowers photos and instax cameras
photo of a groom with two groomsmen pulling silly poses for the camera
Photograph of a bride and groom holding drinks and laughing in front of the weeping willow at Derbyshire wedding venue Alison House
photo of a groom sticking his tongue out at his bride and holding a pint while a guest takes a photo on her phone
photograph of a groom hugging a young female guests who's playfully threatening to punch him
wedding table setting with a place card saying "I can't believe it's not butter!"
Black and white close up shot of a newly married couple smiling at each other with the Derbyshire wedding venue Alison House in the background behind them