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I’m a horse girl at heart.

When I was little I used to spend a lot of time riding horses. My school was archaic in many ways, one of which being that (as girls) we could choose between dancing or horse riding for PE every winter. Without exception, I chose horse riding. My favourite steed was a tiny middle aged shetland named Polo. Bay with a white star at his forlock, a real plodder for a little girl who only ever wanted to be outside. As I got older my interest in horses waned, but I have an enduring memory of the video of a foal being born, show to me by my babysitter.

Introducing Zak (aka Stop the Cavalry Isaac)

And so I wanted to meet Zak. A huge bay coloured boy, who, I’d been warned was ‘mental’. Zak’s owner, Emily, explained she was struggling to find time for Zak these days. She’s been considering selling him. He’s well looked after, as he’s shared by two mummies, but it struck me that mum guilt seems to extend even to our furry children. Emily has a job, two dogs, a child and a horse. She knows this guilt well – but she needn’t.

bay stallion in a field - equine photography chesterfield

Zak is immaculate. He’s friendly and spirited. He streaked joyfully around the field, glossy summer coat gleaming. We plied him with treats so we could get some photos of him in hand, and then we released him and let him run.

Equine photography isn’t my day job, and it presented new challenges. I have to say though, I really enjoyed myself! I’ve come to love photographing people with their dogs, because of the connection we have with our pets. With dogs you get friendliness and companionship, and I found this dynamic again with Zak. I’d love to photograph more horses with their owners, and try event photography too.

a horse and a woman together - equine photography chesterfield

The best part of the shoot was hearing Emily admit that she saw the rough shots from the back of the camera, and didn’t feel like it’d be right to sell him anymore.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]