Family Photography Portfolio

My family photography sessions are a mashup of styles – a bit of documentary to get you all enjoying yourselves and relaxing, a bit of play time where you start to forget I’m there, and a bit of posing once you’ve totally adjusted to the sound of my camera. This approach works for most kids – we get to know each other as the session goes on, I get to shoot in a way that compliments their personalities, and by the end of the session they’re happy to do a couple of simple poses.

All the photos here have been taken within the last 12 months in homes and in public spaces around Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield.


Caroline Made us very comfortable

Noah was teething and a bit miserable, but in no time at all he was off playing and posing and showing off to Caroline and her camera!

It was so reassuring knowing Caroline has children and has plenty of experience with children, as if Noah got miserable or bored, she was happy to change it about to suit him.

My philosophy

If only finding a photographer was as simple as grabbing hold of someone who owns a camera and making them point it at your family. As a seasoned family photographer I know that choosing the right person is about SO much more than that. It’s style, it’s attitude, it’s a level of service that goes beyond sticking your gallery online and leaving you to it.

I love getting to know every single person who comes to me for a family session. I get excited when we have a chat about what to do during the session, and as a mum myself, I totally get the anxiety about looking good and wanting your kids be cheeky but still lovely.

I get all of this, which is why I offer all families a consultation (which can be through emails, phone or skype) before the session so we can work out exactly how to get the photos you want.