Lifestyle Newborn Photography Sessions – the lowdown.


Welcoming a new baby into your lives changes you, forever. No matter how you do it – all the drugs, surgery, or breathing in a pool – all the different ways of giving birth are just the starting point to your new life. You’ve bought cot, washed all the baby clothes, marvelled at how tiny everything is, and thought about what your new life is going to look like.

And maybe you’ve thought about getting some professional photographs done, but you’re not sure where to start.


The prospect of sitting in a warm studio for 3 hours while your baby lounges on a bean bag doesn’t really appeal to you, but maybe you’re not sure what else is out there and if it’s suitable for you.

Allow me to introduce you to the at-home newborn photoshoot.

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography featuring people that doesn’t happen in a studio. While studio newborn photography can be beautiful and artistic, it’s not usually a reflection of real life and often doesn’t feature parents.

Lifestyle newborn photography does both of these things. It takes place in your home and uses natural light, and any posed moments are more based on suggestions for where you should sit, rather than awkward ways to stand.

Natural Light

The light in most family homes is absolutely perfect – provided we pick the right time of day. I don’t use flash or come with huge studio lights, so you can continue as usual in your normal life and I’ll be there to document it. All I have to do is find where the light in your home is most suitable.

Reasons to Have a Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot

1. It’s Simple For You

One of the most common things my clients feedback to me after a lifestyle newborn session is how easy it is for them. They let me know their due date, book the session, update me again when they’re home and ready to be photographed. My approach is to be as straightforward and unobtrusive as possible. I’ve had two babies myself, each with their own unique set of needs and personalities since birth. I’ve breastfed, and I’ve bottle fed. I’ve experienced sleepless nights, feeding problems, a baby with colic – all things you can never really prepare yourself for. So I get it. I know there are hurdles.

Let me remove one of the obstacles in your path.

We arrange a date within the first 3 weeks of baby’s life, and I turn up. I totally get how difficult it can be to leave the house and get somewhere for a specific time when your baby is tiny, and this way removes all the obstacles you might face.

2. It’s For The Whole Family

You’ve been waiting to become parents for most of a year. This is a huge shift in your lives. You might not be totally happy with the way you look right after giving birth, but in the months and years to come you’ll wish you had some photos of yourself with your babies. You don’t have to pose, and you never have to feel uncomfortable in front the camera – just do what you need to for your baby, and I’ll do the rest. Any other children in your family are welcome to take part, as are grandparents.

And dogs.

3. The session is led by the baby

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots with me take 2-4 hours, which means  you can feed and change the baby as often as they need. I use a few different locations within the family home to watch the action unfold in an authentic way – nothing is ‘set up’. 

This relaxed approach allows you all to relax, and means you’ll get a gallery that shows genuine moments.

Once your images are edited and your gallery is ready, I’ll send you a link to download everything in there. I deliver a minimum of 40 digital image files, all of which are hand edited and suitable for printing. 

Anything you might choose to order in addition will be delivered as swiftly as possible – and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

If you’re looking for a newborn photography service that’s completely tailored to your needs and expresses this pivotal time in your lives with authenticity, then I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com, or use my booking form to get in touch.

My newborn photography sessions start at £400 for a full session with 40 digital images, and are available in the Nottingham and Derbyshire areas.