Recently I met up with two awesome little boys, Dylan and Zachary. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous as hell about this session. Not only are Dylan and Zachary twins, they are also three years old.

Now, I’ve had a three year old. I remember what my son, George, was like at three. My memory is somewhat tainted by also having a tiny baby when George was three, but in amongst all the happy moments we had together I remembered a lot of stress. What would it be like to photograph two Georges?! After talking to their mum, Abby, I realised that not all three year olds are quite as, erm, exuberant, as my own example. And so I packed up my kitbag, and headed to our photoshoot in Nottingham.

We’d decided on going to the park, and were lucky to have a crisp Autumn day. The ground was littered with brown and yellow leaves, there were pinecones to play with and plenty of exploring to do, but I still brought my trusty bubble wand. And I’m so glad I did!

Dylan and Zachary are every bit as bubbly and exuberant as you’d expect from three year olds. From my hour spent with them I got to know their different personalities, which I think come across quite well in the photos. Dylan was more shy and quiet, but still enjoyed exploring and chasing the bubbles. Zachary wore his heart on his sleeve a little more, and had a ready smile for me most of the time. What I loved best was the relationship between them and their mum.

I will always remember Dylan and Zachary’s session as one of my favourites. The boys were perfect in every way, and I took one of my all time favourite photos with them.

black and white photo of a boy taking a pine cone from his mother's hand - Nottingham Child Photography