If You Can Take Photos Here You Can Take Them Anywhere

Outdoor Photography locations

Scouting for outdoor photography locations can sometimes leave you scratching your head. I love getting out in the peaks for take sweeping landscape shots, and breathing in the beautiful surroundings, but let’s face it. We don’t all live in beautiful countryside. This morning I grabbed a model* and went for a walk in the immediate area around where I live. Ripley, Derbyshire, is not the world’s most beautiful town by any stretch, but I was certain I could find some places for outdoor photography. This is what I found.

*The kids were at nursery, so please excuse my stand-in model


The Greenway

outdoor photography locations

The Greenway is an old railway line that’s been turned into a path, used mainly by people to walk their dogs. It can be busy with cyclists and horses too, so I went down to the far end which tends to be quieter. It’s not the worlds most beautiful path, with its tunnels and graffiti, but proves my point perfectly.

Outdoor Photography locations Outdoor Photography locations outdoor photography locations Outdoor Photography locations

To take these photos I stood far back from my subject, with a long lens and wide aperture. It has the effect of making the subject pop out from a blurry background, and gives the photos a softness that works well with real people, as well as knitted dinosaurs.

Carr Wood

Outdoor Photography Locationsoutdoor photography locations

This woodland provides much needed green space, sitting between a McDonalds and a housing estate. There’s a large sewer pipe running right through it, which is visible at one side, and a litter problem on the main path. At first glance there is little to commend these woods, but once you go off the beaten path you find dappled shade, bluebells and that thing we all crave – peace.

Outdoor Photography locations

It’s always a joy to find bluebells nearby, and with care it’s possible to get some amazing shots in bluebell woods at this time of year. Because bluebells grow in patches and are easily damaged, bluebell woods sessions are best with just one or two children who are old enough to be careful around them. Luckily Dinky Dino is quite the conservationist.

Outdoor Photography locations Outdoor Photography locations


As with so many things in photography, a bit of care and imagination goes a long way to creating pleasing, characterful images. Below is a picture of my daughter, Effie, enjoying spring in our rather uninspiring back garden. You can absolutely look to ordinary, every day places when you’re choosing an outdoor photography location. Find a photographer who’s up to the challenge, and get out in your local area – you might be surprised what you find.

Outdoor Photography locations