Relaxed wedding photography for awesome couples

If you believe in…

Intimate Moments

wedding photograph of a bride and groom sat inside a festival style decorated yurt with lots of flowers as well as greenery and colourful macarons - wedding photography nottingham

Belly Laughing

until it hurts

black and white photograph of a couple laughing heartily together - wedding photography nottingham

And having the

time of your lives

photograph of a bride wearing a black leather jacket painted with a custom design and laughing while her groom licks her face as they stand in front of a rainbow wall - wedding photography nottingham

then let’s make sweet sweet memories

I see the beauty in your everyday, and I believe in your happily ever after. Life is for living!

Those tiny, mundane moments that touch your heart are every bit as important as the huge events that mark new chapters in our lives.  I have a relaxed wedding photography style, and I love all the candid little moments that tell the story of your day.

I want to put you at ease and send you into the sunset with a beautiful set of photographs you’ll love forever, that you’ll look back on with your children and grandchildren and show them how you felt at that particular moment.

I am based in Derbyshire, but I’m always up for an adventure.


-Ania & Nick

2019 Wedding Photography special offer


I'm offering all couples who book me for a full day in 2019 the chance to get a complimentary highlights film along with their wedding photography. Interested?

Natural & relaxed wedding photography

I believe in getting a mix of photos that show everything you’ll want to look back on.

I let you chill out with your mates while I seek out the best bits of your day, be a fly on the wall for the most part, and get some epic shots of the two of you.

Story-telling Family Photography

Your family grows and changes each day. It’s true, the saying that the days are long but the years are short. I believe in remembering the little things, and capturing your real life. I don’t pose kids, and I do insist on cuddles and fun.

Hello You!

Want to get to know me a little better?

My kids are cray.

They rock my world and keep me on my toes.

Scrabble is awesome

But I cannot stand Monopoly. I’ll meet you in the middle with Cluedo or Ludo.

If you know of any other games ending in -udo be sure to tell me.

Neil Diamond

wrote a song called Sweet Caroline. My mum really likes it. Thanks, Mum.

Beach holidays aren't for me.

I just get so bored. I’d rather trek through a forest or explore a new city.

Japanese Food

Must have been invented by the gods.

Ramen and dumplings can cure empty bellies, broken hearts and skinned knees.

Autumn is my fave

Docs, skinny jeans and woolly jumpers make me so happy.

I used to be a wine dork

I have an international wine qualification, and can get really boring about it. But I enjoy beer more.