A Newborn Photography Session at Home

A couple of weeks ago I met a lovely family in their home for a newborn photography session. Their light, airy house in the Derbyshire hills is absolutely beautiful, and don’t even get me started on the dog. I really want a dog, and now I’ve met Archie, I just can’t get over how much I want a retriever. Or a sausage dog. Any dog.

newborn photography session derbyshire

Introducing Emma

Emma was just 9 days old when I met her, and was still all curled up and sleepy. We decided to stay in the living room, as the light in there was just so perfect and Emma was so peaceful wrapped up with her mum and dad. She’s their first child – aside from her big furry brother – and it sounds over the top but the love in the room was almost tangible.


Calm and Put Together

I was totally blown away by how settled everyone was. Emma’s parents were immaculate without the huge eyebags I was expecting. Even their outfits were on the right way round – something I didn’t know was possible when you’ve got a newborn. Even the dog was calming sniffing away at this new pink bundle in his home. My youngest is 2 in six weeks and I’m still not as well put together as Emma’s parents.

We spent 90 minutes together, drinking tea, tickling the dog and cuddling the baby. If there’s one word I’d pick to describe this session it’d be peaceful. I love the documentary style these parents wanted. I visited them again a few days ago and showed them their gallery. I think it’s safe to say the parents are as pleased with their photos as I am.