Was I a qualified photographer?

Last week I received an email I’d been kind of scared to open. My final email from the Institute of Photography, to discuss my final assignment. I was so nervous to open it! I studied Classics at university. Sure, I did modules in film, and I even did a postgrad in Film and TV, but those things aren’t photos despite requiring a lot of the same skill. So the truth sat in my inbox, waiting to be revealed.

What’s Involved with the Course?

I studied with the Institute of Photography on their Advanced Diploma. If you’ve already had a good grounding in visual media, this is an excellent way to cement what you know and learn more. I cannot recommend this course enough! The tutors really know their stuff and are so friendly and approachable, and always on hand with great advice.

The first 14 modules are all theory, with tests at the end. After that, you have four compulsory modules to complete, which involve going out and taking photos.


I was fairly confident at the beginning of the course. After a bit of theory work, however, I hit a big wall. I think this is something a lot of us go through when we start studying something we think we know – that we suddenly feel like we know nothing! But I kept plodding on, getting out with my camera, whipping it out whenever I felt I was witnessing a golden photo opportunity.


Take a look at my submissions below. I hope you see the same progress in ability that I do.

So you’ll probably have guessed by now – I did pass. I achieved a whopping 93%, I got my lifetime membership to the Institute’s Camera Club, and an enormous sense of satisfaction. I began this qualification way back at Christmas 2014, but didn’t submit a single image until the middle of 2016 (thanks to that whole pregnancy and birth and looking after a baby thing). I’m so proud to call myself a Qualified Photographer. Getting here was such a long time coming, and I feel it’s more important to me on an emotional level than anything truly life-changing, and I’m so proud.