I am proud to announce that I’m now a fully qualified Wedding Photographer!!!!

(And yes, all those exclamation marks are entirely warranted. Gushy post alert.)

I qualified through the Institute of Photography, having decided that since I went to university to study Classical History, I should probably gain some actual photography knowledge instead of just going with my gut. To anyone wishing to learn more about photography, maybe even enough to go pro, I really recommend doing an online course with these guys. They’re friendly and approachable, but also rigorous and highly experienced ex-journalism photogs. They know their stuff, and boy do they put you through their paces!

qualified wedding photographer

Thank you to everyone who supported me by letting me take their photograph, listening to all  my self-doubt and generally just being there for me when I decided to step out on this journey.

I got me a certificate and everything.


And if you want to book your 2017/18 wedding, you know where to find me (hint, click the link).