When I’m editing photos from my sessions I stick to a tried and tested workflow. First I dump everything into Adobe Lightroom, so that I can easily see the collection and cull any unwanted images. I then go through my gallery again and select everything worth editing, and put it in a separate collection. I then edit everything by hand in Adobe Photoshop.

Recently I’ve been using a Portrait Workflow collection by Sleeklens. I’d previously used some of their free Lightroom presets to do very quick edits – a great choice for weddings, when I need to edit hundreds of photos quickly, without wanting to compromise on quality. The Portrait Workflow I’ve begun to use is available as presets for Lightroom and as Photoshop actions. As my abilities in Photoshop have come on leaps and bounds recently, I plumped for the Photoshop actions.

As anyone who’s tried to edit in Photoshop can attest, it can be quite a time consuming process. I’m used to doing everything in layers, and masking off elements of the image as necessary then adjusting levels. Sleeklens’s Portrait Workflow really streamlined this process.

unedited photo of a young red headed girl -sleeklens photoshop actions review

This is an unedited photo from a family session last month

There are 8 all in one actions, so it’s entirely possible to simply select one, click play, and have a finished image.

Alternatively, you can choose from 5 base layers, choose exposure, warm or cold temperatures, 8 kinds of colour correction and lots of possibilities to fine tune your portrait and enhance tones.

edited photo of a young red headed girl - sleeklens photoshop actions review

It took 5 minutes to edit this photo, with just 4 different actions.

This is a fantastic collection of actions for portraits, and I can see that it’s going to become a mainstay of my portrait editing workflow.


Sleeklens provided me with a copy of their Portrait Workflow for Photoshop for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.