The Van Krimpens

Fly on the wall family photography in Chilwell

Rachel and Phil were among the first families I worked with when I started out as a photographer. We went to White Post Farm for her daughter’s first birthday, and had a lovely chilled out time meeting lots of animals and feeding the ducks.

black and white photo of family with young toddler meeting a llama

Since then, Rachel and Phil have had another baby. He’s about to turn one, and Rachel wanted to capture some of their time at home together before she heads back to work.  Their daughter is now two and a half, and with a little brother to include I knew this would be a delightful session for all of us.

We spent an hour in their home, letting the kids do the everyday things they enjoy, playing and dancing, pulling funny faces and building towers. The session was completely chilled out, with zero posing. They are such naturals, I didn’t have to pull a single trick out of my sleeve to draw out their personalities (but trust me, I have tricks up the wazoo).

Their son was napping in the sling when I arrived, so I got to capture some shots of Ariadne and her dad, playing in a spot of light by the window.

black and white photo of a father and daughter talking together by the window light - family photography chilwell

When Orion awoke he was raring to go! First Rachel dressed him – while I resisted the urge to gobble up those delicious legs – and then let him go wherever he wanted to be.

colourful image of a mother dressing her toddler son - family photography chilwell

Something I often see as a family photographer working with young kids is that they start the session full of energy and excitement, and burn themselves out within about 45 minutes. All that running around and expression takes such a lot of energy, and it’s the perfect lead in to create those tender moments – the ones where they seek comfort and reassurance from their parents.

These two kids encapsulate perfectly why having family sessions in your home is a brilliant way to capture childhood. Their faces and body language are so chilled and relaxed, their curiosity and playfulness could be completely encouraged and there was just no stress. You don’t need to live in a show home or shoo the pets into the shed for a fly on the wall family shoot – you just need to be you, and I’ll do the rest.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about Ariadne & Orion’s family session and you’re thinking about how this would work for your family, why not drop me a line? Email me at hello@carolinegoosey.com to discuss a shoot in your home.