Family photography is a funny old game.

Everyone over the age of 8 seems to hate being in front of the camera, and yet everyone old enough to have an 8 year old laments not having any photos of themselves with their kids.

Of course I’m utterly biased, but I think the solution to this is simple:


Pay to have a family photography session with a professional family photographer.

In this post I’m going to tell you why you should consider investing in your family photography, why professional photographs are worth the money, and how to find a photographer that’s the right choice for your needs.

Why You Should Invest In Family Photography


It’s not about the money you spend. It’s about the details you can remember.

Now that photography is mainly digital it’s so easy to snap away at special moments without a thought to the photo we’re taking, or the moment that we’re missing. Personally I’d rather be present in the moment, a fully aware witness to my emotions, rather than living my life with a phone in my hand. The photos taken on phones don’t often get printed, and if they do, the quality can often be lacking. So put your phone in your pocket, and take your child’s hand in yours. Enjoy your days together and let someone else click the shutter.

As a mum it makes me sad that I’ve dodged opportunities to get in front of the camera with my kids. I’m hyper aware of the cake shelf that took up permanent residence during my first pregnancy, thunder thighs that no amount of exercise will shift, and the double chin that is only somewhat hidden by scarves. I know that when I’m old I won’t care. I’ll just regret that I have no photos of me enjoying life with the people I love most.


As a kid I used to love thumbing through shoeboxes filled with family photos. 6x4’s printed at Boots (a fair few with quality control stickers), some still in their wallets, but most loose. I got to see people I’d not seen for years, relatives who’d passed away, my parents when they were young. What do our children’s generation get? Empty albums, maybe the occasional framed photo of something really important. No documentation of every day life in this digital, disposable age.


Why It’s Worth Hiring a Pro

black and white photo of a boy taking a pinecone from a hand - Nottingham family photography

It’s become normal to mark certain life events by having a set of professional photographs done – new babies, christenings, and weddings – but what about the years in between? Will you have any printed photos in a box or album to show your children as they grow up?


There are good reasons to invest in a session with a professional photographer.

      1. We take photos with you in them.
      2. We listen to your concerns and requirements, and design the session around what you say.
      3. We have good equipment, and have been trained on how to get the best out of it. I promise you, this is good for your relationship.
      4. We are happy to do all the leg work. From the first conversation with you to getting those photos up on your wall, good photographers are happy to make this stuff easy for you.
      5. A good photographer will talk you through all your options, and be happy to work with you to get the photos you want.

Finding the Right Photographer

There are lots of photographers around, each with their own style and way of working. So how do you narrow the search down? Do you go with the first name you find and hope for the best? (Answer: no!) The best way to tell if a photographer is worth your investment is to talk to a few. Call, email, facebook – whatever it takes. Ask for recommendations, but only if you like a certain style. Whatever you do, don’t just settle for one you’re not sure about.


Think about the kind of service you want. Cheap, cheerful and quick – or relaxed, a more expensive service that gives you lots of options without having to lift a finger.


Avoid photographers who say they can do everything – you’ll be disappointed. Avoid cheap photographers – you won’t get a great service from someone who can’t cover their own business costs. And in photography, as in life, avoid anyone who doesn’t make you feel special.