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Some things in life are not negotiable. Good coffee, excellent friends, and a trunkload of memories to remind you how damn lucky you are. You get one life to live. What are you going to fill it with?

Get those running shoes on because life moves pretty damn fast (but there’s always time to stop and smell the flowers). We’re going on an adventure!



at home family photography image taken by nottingham photographer Caroline Goosey

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Caroline x

Allow myself to introduce…myself…

I’m Caroline/CJ/Plonky/Mummy. You can call me any of the above.

Except Mummy. That’d be weird.

I’m a peanut butter addicted nap specialist who gets incredibly excited about anything emotional. I live in biker boots and woolly jumpers, and I’m always pinning tattoo ideas on Pinterest. I’m a dork. Hufflepuff, the Shire and Captain Carrot are my bag. I sing Karma Chameleon like a badass.

I want to be the best photographer you’ve ever met. I want to put you at ease and send you into the sunset with a beautiful set of photos you’ll love forever. I believe in living every moment as intentionally as you can, and to hell with the rule book.

Discover more about me over here, or just go right ahead and stalk my Facebook.